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+1 Swedes and Norwegians has no problem understanding each other. also I would put that team around #20-30
NiP vs Cloud9
REZ seams to be very good at playing Overpass and especially bathrooms. REZ is preforming well but he seems to be genuinly good at Overpass.
Most overhyped team
+1 on this list. Pretty much exactly what I think.
G2 vs NiP
Both Cache and Nuke... well EZ for NIP
NiP vs mousesports
So how much did you lose? ;P
+d2 -nuke?
I think Nuke is good to have in the map pool since it is a bit different from the other maps. The aspect of the sites being on top of each other brings other tactical aspects to it. Actually I am ge...
I'll gues your rank
nope. Global
I'll gues your rank
3-3,5k DM / Entry practise maps 27
i will guess your rank
27 ~3000 esea SK
daily NIP's solutions again
I can see your point but I will explain how I am thinking. To begin with I really think Xizt could put up better numbers if he would play as support/rifler instead of IGL. I agree that Get_righ...
daily NIP's solutions again
Yes that is not ok. Saw an comment that this might be because of some visual delay on crouching but still not ok. The visual model must follow the hitbox at all times.
daily NIP's solutions again
Well I guess time has shown that NIP would probably not agree to ever break up the core 4 players but apart from that I think this would be a good trade for NIP. I don't know if there would be anyon...
daily NIP's solutions again
I want to see a shuffle between Nip And Godsent. This might bring some life into the teams. Fokusing on Nip. -Friberg and Get_right +Twist and Pronax Pronax - IGL/support Twist - Entry/Rif...