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Lauren Southern
Her Video "The Streets of Paris" are so funny " the women were not wearing their hair in French Braids" omg she is so stupid it hurts xD
Anime is shit
why are you so patetic? That you care what other ppl like to watch, what are 9 years old?
He has given recommendations to Jordan Peterson and having Ben Shapiro host meme review. I like Pewdiepie but either he too stupid see what he doing or he really wants to promote alt right talking poi...
Safest country?
2016 they killed a prison officer
Safest country?
4 Arrested Over a Car Bombing in Northern Ireland as Police Probe Links to the New IRA. This is from Jan, thanks brexit
tell me your sensitivity
400 dpi 2.2 sens 0.98 zoom sens
I saw Astralis demo
Maybe you dont have the IQ to see how their tactics works
Why I am center-left
Yeah I agree it's all about crushing "Libtards". Ppl like ben shapiro never gives any real solutions, it's all about finde some obscure study that will make you look stupid and then we are done with t...
Why I am center-left
Hey TheVyrox What do you think about that most ppl dont really think about the problem that they are facing or how to solve them. They see politics more like sports. They are "fans" for a political ...
religion = aliens ?
never claimed that you was
religion = aliens ?
I guess some ppl get pissed by hearing truths.
religion = aliens ?
Yeah :) have fun with your delusions
religion = aliens ?
Pretty much everything
religion = aliens ?
what are your sources? Oh yeah you have none. As soon as you come across something you don't understand you claim aliens. I came with science disproving you and your reply is "oh and the pyramids on...
religion = aliens ?
You know UFO means unidentified flying object it doesnt mean Aliens. And drugs can make you see funny things. the Pyramids ARE not build by aliens