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Please respect Brazil.
Yo guys, I heard lots of men masturbate prior having s3x to last longer, does it work? I've tried but I guess it depends of the time in between the jerk!ng and s3x, shouldnt be much otherwise it will ...
help me pls
Against Sassuolo, bad goals thou, Ibrahimovic on the other half did his fantastic goal number 500
help me pls
Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals yesterday, important fact
how to initiate sex?
Just intense kissing and then start touching down there with your hand and then it will happen, if you have a gf already just do it, savage way no kissing, the surprise and pervert elements turns chic...
!18+! Rate her!
Nadya Nabakova
!18+! Rate her!
No, born in USA, porn star apparently, shes got some nice vids lol
too long bro, religion is a past dates argument
!18+! Rate her!
100/10 wheres she from? on my way
Little things that piss you off
Just wasting your time, go back
They wont cuz ignorance and immaturity lead most of the -25 year old Swedish, they should be proud their country is doing that much for people thats running away from death, look at Canada, their gove...
Worst Major.
Worst major? ok, but best minor?
I can't concentrate
And get a life
Not mind bro, but nt
Not regarding the topic, just to u cuz u deserve it, so is actually fun to make you run out of arguments, but this is old now, so peace, Im out, hope you learned ur lesson, bye
RIP My country
You should be proud of your country, be grateful instead, that you were not born in one of those countries, and remove your inmature and ignorant points of view outta your mind