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TOP20 2018
Yeh but its 2018 not the four tournies he did well in
maikelele GF holy shit
He has money??
after your first sex
16 is legal for 16,17,18 not 19,20,21,22 no mixing with minors unless she's ur Juliet
after your first sex
South Africa laws are selectively enforced, also bigger problems than consensual pedophilia
Nigel Farage
I mean he's playing the game and playing it well. Don't necessarily agree with him but he's clever (very) and doing the statesman thing quite well.
Capitalism > Communism
Communism is an unstable equilibrium whilst run by people
Not a bad story, but nothing particularly special, more of a scaffold for the characters and exposition.
SEL is a good trip (it's a trip - the best kind of trip) Monogatari is semi-meta (good characters) Gangsta is not qutite gansta (good action) Death Parade is good commentary (good story)
Taxation is theft
Do economics, it's like 20 hours and you'll understand
weebs come here
I mean I got 9 eps in and that wasn't enough to bring me back after, so meh. Not really watching anything anymore.
weebs come here
Elitist list, good if you feeling clever or want an experience, but no fun if you just looking to chill and decompress.
weebs come here
As much as I wanted to watch Watamote I think i died to cringe, and Madoka was a casualty of stopping for exams one time. I wouldn't recommend Naruto tbh, I didn't watch fillers and it still felt too...
weebs come here
Good start to anime, there's lots of good stuff you've yet to see and you've stuck to the mainstream so I'll rate 7/10. As for how to progress, watch some (good) longer stuff like Hunter x Hunter and ...
i mean, looks *fishy* but i no way proves hacking and your post had an aggressive tone (probs not worth the lock tho)
500€ on fnatic ez
I'll take $2 :D:DD:D