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device MVP?
Why are you talking about s1mple? mouz plays like shit, navi just played like retards and almost lost to ORDER
device MVP?
How are they going to the finals? By beating Vici, HR, and mouz LUL they only had to beat liquid to get there and Magisk boosted them
device MVP?
19-17 is not good it's okay 24-15 by Xyp9x is good. Xyp deserves this one, he made them win the first two
device MVP?
Xyp9x made them win inferno and mirage he deserves it
Pros shit-talk ScreaM
He's a good friend with many french players, don't say retarded things
I support mibr you're right
Anomaly's flight
go delete him
s1mple willl choke
6-0-0 what a bad beginning lul
What G2 shouldve did
idk about that, but ex6 was offered to stay instead of bodyy, but he would not IGL anymore and he didn't want to play bodyy's positions so he denied
What G2 shouldve did
ex6 is good, he gave more structure to G2 which before had shit tactical, but with SmithZz and bodyy, no firepower. With ScreaM and Lucky they could have done so much more with Ex6
ur weeb lvl?
Anime posters, watched +20 animes + every day, waifu, learning japanese C3?
Well, if there was a better french IGL I'd have said the same. Just look at shox's stats when not IGLing and now...
-bodyy +ex6tenz
this has potential. Ex6TenZ just had two bad players, almost always ending up both 4th and 5th on the scoreboard. But name a more iconic duo than G2 and retarded decisions
-bodyy +Ex6 shox is playing like shit when IGLing. Ex6 just needed good players individually and SmithZz and bodyy aren't. shox kennyS Ex6TenZ JackZ Lucky This has more potential than the current o...
[srs topic] ARISTOTELES
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