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going vegan
Yeah but you're asking him about consuming the milk from "his farm". So why you bring up products which are produced by shitty farms with shitty conditions?^^ Processed food is pure poison for your b...
going vegan
What exactly is the purpose of this question? Heard it a lot the last couple of years and still can't figure out why people ask this. Like it's a huge deal to not consume milk & eggs.
going vegan
Well, if you ever miss eating a scrambled egg or something, get some "Kala Namak" ( Black Salt) and scramble some tofu instead. Also egg spread is easily made with kala namak ;) Try out a lot of dif...
most famous guy in ur nation
I guess Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Fav Metal Band?
Heaven Shall Burn
Do you listen Metal ?
Wow! That song is amazing! Thanks for sharing!
Longest Word in your language?
Because people forgot the term "self-responsibility"... so they look for other groups and people to blame for their shitty lives. Instead of taking care of their own lives, they use their time and res...
Book Recommendations!
Don't read Metro 2034 and 2035. The first one is fantastic, but the other two are just bad. If you want to read more about the metro-universe, try books from Andrei Djakow. (I don't know if they are ...
Book Recommendations!
+1 oh hell yeah! Great Books!
Book Recommendations!
Night Watch from Sergei Lukyanenko Great series, definitely a must-read!
Metalheads come here
n1! Fantastic choice of band and song. I do prefer valhalla and the bard's song over mirror, mirror but still one of their best songs. :)
Metalheads come here
Unleash the Archers - Cleanse The Bloodlines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfSL-6YExzk Machine Head - Halo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFerqOU1iWU Arch Enemy - The Eagle flies alone https://ww...
It was great trash talk. Nothing more and nothing less, so stop crying about it.^^
Top 1 fastfood ?
Swing Kitchen! Vegan Burgers ftw!