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FURIA vs Complexity
USA BRAIN LAG, almost as bad as karrigan but not IGL'ing. major winner btw
FURIA vs Complexity
If coL loses to these nobodies I think it’s time for a roster change
mousesports vs FaZe
twistzz deserves better, faze just doesnt have the firepower, coldzera is trash, rain looks asleep most games and karrigan is a total bot unless in playoffs then he a partial bot
Extra Salt vs BIG
Wow what?? Big got so lucky this series wtf, astralis level luck
Complexity vs BIG
never underestimate American brain lag, RUSH single handedly threw that game
Complexity vs BIG
German CS > Danish CS
"wHy dId dEvIcE jOiN NiP"
NIP is garbage because Swedish CS is outdated, has been for years. This team will never achieve anything, bunch of nobodies imo
BIG vs Evil Geniuses
I’m an EG fan but BIG will win this because of very recent roster change from EG
Complexity vs NIP
If COL lose to these nobodies they should disband
Gambit vs Astralis
They’ve always been overrated. They rely too much on tactics and either dupreeh or device carrying. They lack individual skill
Gambit vs Astralis
Astralis is so dirty, they throw these games to face easier opponents in quarterfinals all the time. They should be permanently banned for doing this shit.
Evil Geniuses vs Liquid
if NAF plays like he did yesterday, this will be a quick 2-0 for liquid
Evil Geniuses vs Liquid
Is this game really not being moved up an hour because of astralis endpoint game ending so quick?
Astralis vs Liquid
lol are you serious? look at the scores for those games. astralis was barely better than liquid almost every single win was a few round difference. everyone knows that if liquid had a 5th instead of b...