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Astralis vs Cloud9
golden and styke doing well i see lelz
Fer about tarik lol
Fer about tarik lol
another drama incoming those monkeys are unbelievable no wonder that cold is finding the way out of that shithole.
Tarik 'Snake' Celik
keep trying.
Tarik 'Snake' Celik
hey hey hey, that nickname is reserved for one and only Peter 'snakeislaw' Jarguz, im afraid u need to come with something better.
u just found out about that now? holy shit, ur like internet explorer, try to keep up with the rest...
u need to vote for that wall that delusional guy that u have chosen for ur president is talking about, no other way around i guess. btw. u were the only guy speaking eng/ not speaking spanish, why wo...
for defend takedowns u need to act when it happens but when someone slapping u in face once or twice u know u cant take off ur guard. like i said seemed weird.
show must go on... or whatever i would like to see how dc (2 divisions champ now) handle my boi jon jones.
what happend with lesnar? closed right after that KO.
stipe broke ngannou
jesus, they should be fined for that 'show',i wonder what dana "where are my fucking money" white is going to say about it.
i dont know but stipe seemed off a little bit, he didnt protect himself at all , DC's jab hit like every goddamn time.
gaules banned
now he can easily make time to ROLL with neymar.
My mom saw my hentai folder
i bet she's like "i need to kill it with fire before it replicate" yes by IT i mean you, you filthy degenarate.
Lekr0 Stupid
'choosed' clearly a faze fan, poor guy...