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S1mple #1 or #2??
#1 device (cuz he won everything what was to win as a team) #2 s1mple (cuz he won shit and have fucking bots in team which he has to carry over)
free faceit
guys why faceit client is not loading? anyone knows how to fix that?
Tarik "tarik" Celik (benched)
nope, these two arent snakes, sorry.
Tarik "tarik" Celik (benched)
there are two snakes snakeislaw known before as stanislaw and snake2k known before as stewie2k aka little asian fuck.
FaZe Adren or tarik
shame that turok is not willing to move to europe, imo he would be good addition to the faze team, major mvp while IGL'ing, they already speaking english so no communtication problems.
sobole is cheating
btw. cry is always free sit down in the corner.
sobole is cheating
too much vodka over there my very not russian friend.
ive never smoked
so ur telling me u have never smoke mid in ur life? doode... smoke weed then smoke mid dont smoke cigs..
he is using one computer to play+stream i believe + he aint into that stuff ofc he could hire someone to build him a units.
this is embarrassing... i mean sure, tech pause can happen cuz shit happens but this is madness... bunch of idiots working there
xantares insane spray never forget
he just wanted to empty up that clip... lucky onliner tbh.
i saw dev1ce
how about
frozen hands tips?
i bet razer have something in their offert for that with rgb lighting and shit for only 999 usd
tarik not in top20
destroyed mibr :D how so my hamburgerican friend?
tarik not in top20
mibr sucked, not only turok.