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Rate HEN1 GF
holy shit, if u sting her with something(not dick, tfu!) all that botox would drain out...
Problem solver
so ur like online ray donovan?
Poland + Sweden!!!!!!
idiot detected. /watch out.
Faze snax would work
honestly i think snaxinho has to work on his englando(pasha london school and shit) cuz that might be a problem that caused him benching.
Poland + Sweden!!!!!!
since when there is a role as 'star'? is that any useful role?
Overrated players atm
ok... fan of north lelz
g2 vitality shuffle
nah, let these fuckers from g2 rot in this lineup. hope that vitality will rape g2 in direct matchup of these two.
Fifa 19
u can always get fifa 18 and download some squads... pretty much the same minus champions league of course. nonetheless fifa is shit.
Positivity thread!
no matter, how much shit is hitting the fan -> music is the answer. music FTW. if someone disagree, fuck you.
System is killing me
no worries my doode, win10 can be difficult on everyone.
Xantares statement OFFICIAL
u should add that he will perform only online where he can by god-like and feel comfy inside his room, not so much on any lan...
North = trash?
u found out just now? im sorry for you then.
G2 vs mousesports
hah another great performance by shitzzzz give this guy a map, he is clearly lost.
khabib should have said something when there was time for it -> pre-fight conferences, he kinda let mctapper to trash the shit out of all the things surrounding khabib... post fight shit-around octag...
UFC 299
yeah, exactly, he knew that he is winning that fight on points and he just let him go wild against him... he cant do that against someone who got that knockout power punch.