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Likely to wade into threads about religion and politics as well as CS.
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Boundaries for tiers
I don't think it's something that's set in stone. The scene will go through phases where there are more elite teams and less elite teams but more "good" teams as a result. I think a team who is regul...
idea: air burst grenade
Sounds like Valorant. Pass.
henrique or xantares who threw harder
With Xantares joining Eternal Fire I feel like the decision was mutual between BIG and the player, in that BIG wanted to go back to speaking German and Xantares would rather speak Turkish. HEN1 leavi...
Five teams to compete on legacy maps in Battle of Betway
Exactly, that's the problem. One week before the major is not the time for fun.
Five teams to compete on legacy maps in Battle of Betway
Only because it's a silly showmatch when they're supposed to be in a serious bootcamp for the biggest event for two years with the largest prize pool in CS:GO history.
Five teams to compete on legacy maps in Battle of Betway
If I was playing on one of these teams and I was also going to the Major I would be dead against doing this. Even if they are contractually obligated to do this due to sponsorship, why on earth they a...
NiP Top3
I agree; I was having this chat with people in a Discord recently. Before IEM Fall I said the only teams who were clearly better than NiP were NaVi, Gambit and maybe Vitality. Now that NiP have beate...
Vitality's most important player is Kyojin
This is 4head logic
PGL major dark horse?
Hampus after the win
Hampus is a massive troll. I actually think he would be a cool bloke to get a beer with - some CS pros are a bit shy and awkward but he's pretty chill.
Might be interesting if he replaced Plopski or LNZ on NiP
Astralis vs NIP final
Now that G2 lost I'm less worried about the result, it's more about putting a marker down should they meet in the real thing.
Astralis vs NIP final
ZywOo normally styles on NiP so I'm expecting Vitality to win purely because of that.