Gold nova scrub with a potato laptop
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Boltz himself tweeted that he was benched.
How G2 Will Win Tournaments
I haven’t seen too many of their games yet but what you say makes sense. Am I the only person who feels like bodyy hasn’t actually got much better in the two years since he’s been on G2?
smooya 1st UK player in a playoff game?
He had one nice 3k on Inferno A site in regulation but I didn't see all the maps. His stats weren't the best but he's young and needs LAN experience.
Nex & Smooya Post-Game Interview
Smooya seems like a normal UK bloke and not a dick, which is good.
Stewie hits monitor
He probably didn't break it, but he should get billed for it if he did
MiBr 3.0
I'll be your lurker, I was gonna play for the other MiBR (Made in Britain) with smooya and get RattlesnK and Henryg out of retirement but your team sounds like more fun xD
MiBr robbed
I'm not actually English but ok Oh I almost forgot, cry is free
MiBr robbed
Invite straight to playoffs? haha cry is free
mOE Permabanned off twitch
It says indefinitely, not permanently. He might be back.
Tv series
Battlestar Galactica, the modern one
Vanilla Bayonet is kinda cool and in that sort of price bracket I think. Whatever you do don’t waste your money on a nasty knife like some boreal forest crap.
Spoiler mibr sponsor Revealed
It’s actually a good sponsor for them, because they’ve gotten used to being screwed by everyone this year xD
Almost all of those events are weak events with a lack of top teams present.
I speak the truth
Xantares is an overrated onliner