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Gerexit NOW
The more time passes since the vote, the more things I see in the EU that I don’t like, such as that. The countries of Europe are all so different, and each have thousands of years of history all on ...
Gerexit NOW
I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t actually vote, I was on holiday on the day (in USA ironically!) and didn’t bother to sort out a postal vote in time as I thought Remain would win. I would have voted...
Gerexit NOW
+1 bro, could well happen. The problem with the EU is not what it was supposed to be. The problem with the EU is what it is becoming; a centralised, federalist dictatorship run by appointed left-wing...
Gerexit NOW
I studied Economics to a high educational level, and keep a keen eye on current affairs. I understand more than enough thanks, and am also in my mid 20s so am definitely not a kid. What Germany contr...
Gerexit NOW
The EU is the only thing propping up your economy, as the Euro is worth much less than any German-only currency would be, which boosts your competitiveness, and interest rates are kept super low. Bre...
Kaceytron lol
As much as I would love to make fun of Ninja for playing a dumb game and having blue hair and all that, I kinda understand his reasons for not streaming with women (cos he can't be bothered with Twitc...
Why do great fraggers IGL?
Markeloff was never a great fragger in CS:GO, and never called in 1.6 as far as I know so not a good example. It’s probably an ego thing for the very top, most skilled players, as they believe they c...
ex-gf help
You screwed up. You have to live it and make sure you don't do it to the next girl you get with. Mistakes are only mistakes if you learn from them, otherwise it's behaviour.
Best Skins?
Good q, used to only buy FN but now they show the float values in game I'm not as strict on it
Best Skins?
You have decent taste. You can see my inventory here:
flip knife or ursus knife [vote]
Ursus looks like a bread knife. I have a beautiful Series 1 Doppler Flip Knife.
NiP Pita
Pita does seem to be a bad coach.
FaZe undermining Karrigan then kicking him.
They played Astralis close a couple of times but they were nowhere near as good as them, that's not the same thing. They weren't exactly always making deep runs at events or regularly beating top 5 te...