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Best countries yet to host a major
We need a proper CIS major. Poland is sort of close but give Starladdar a Kiev major and let them do a great job. France as well should be up there. Not Brazil pls
i r8 your fav knife
Ty bro
i r8 your fav knife Rate my flip knife
Pensions in Russia
In the UK the state pension keeps you just above the poverty line really, which is why people are supposed to save for their own pension from their salary to go on top of that. Depending on if you wor...
MM is unplayable
I've had a couple of really bad servers but no obvious cheaters yet somehow in about 6 games. Might change though
VOTE for TOP 20 players
s1mple #1. It's about the best player, not the best player on the best team. Fully expecting HLTV to put dev1ce #1 though because they set the wrong criteria (i.e. putting team success above individua...
18+ subforum (suggestion)
There's plenty of other websites for that bruv. Leave the CS on here and the other stuff on other sites.
Wilder V Fury
Fury won easily
life advice
Only quit your studies if you hate your course and you’re certain that you never want to work in that career. Try and get some work experience in a possible career path to see if you like it. If you l...
Astralis VS Mibr maps
DIdn't see MIBR picking Overpass, Mirage or Dust2 was my expectation, or possibly Train.
astralis is boring af
The sad thing is that many fans like myself have come to get bored of excellence and incredible consistency. I know they play fantastic CS, but it doesn't get me jumping out of my seat.
MiBR fixes
Not gonna get too far into the NAF vs Cold debate (although peak Cold is better than peak NAF imo) but I wondered who TL would kick if they signed Cold and I think it would have to be NAF. Twistzz - t...
Love it :) so good to hear him back in CS, even if just for one series
They should have bought into the spirit of the event and picked FaZe.