Gold nova scrub with a potato laptop
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Travelled all the way to China and got no prize money rip
shox fans come here
The vast majority of kicks are done behind people’s backs so to speak. Do you think if shox said, “Hey NBK and apEX, I’d like to kick you from G2, are you ok with that?” that they would have agreed? O...
Not til he gets back from WESG
I agree there’s no point in buying them just to throw them randomly, you need a use for them. Can see why they’d be useful on a pistol round if you want to make noise somewhere to hide a glock rush
just got rejected by my crush
No Bad luck, chin up
SS vs Godsent
I hope twist wrecks Xantares
Just leave SK alone
Their other problem of course is what roster change they could actually make. -TACO +felps may seem an obvious move, but would they not have kicked TACO instead of felps if they wanted to do that? The...
Giving away few cases and cheap skins
most under rated player
I think sunny is pretty underrated, his aim is lit
NaVi roster?
-Edward +hobbitt seems like a sensible move but the buyout may be too high. Mir would probably be achievable
s1mple joining NiP?
Its a bad bait but imo that team would be scary
Surely... (SK)
They’d enjoy the Netherlands, weed is legal there xD
Surely... (SK)
They only reason they would think about doing it is if the Brazilian fan base spends loads on merchandise. The question is: will they buy SK stuff when the can buy MIBR stuff? Brazilian fans are fickl...
SK sign NTC
SK org goes from a tier 1 team to a tier 2 or 3 team... glhf
Most disappointing players
I dunno where he could go though: NiP won’t kick Draken Fnatic won’t kick JW even though his AWPing isn’t that good atm. FaZe and Mouz wouldn’t be interested. NA maybe? C9 won’t kick Ska, Liquid don’t...