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Liquipedia's classification for events is stupid
twist to fnatic
They were very lucky to get to major semis. They didn't get too many tough teams in group stages, and then they got Gambit in the quarters who weren't ready in their evolution as a team and made a hor...
twist to fnatic
different spelling bro, 5/8 if b8
twist to fnatic
So it will be like their late 2016 lineup, which wasn't good, except -olof -dennis +Xizt +JW... this team would be worse than that team lol. Disco was garbage when he was in Fnatic
Faze MSL
NiKo is not a good IGL and it's a terrible waste of his star potential.
Faze MSL
No way. No chance all those star players will buy into MSL's tactical style.
Can men wear makeup?
Np bro, always happy to help a brother out :)
Device vs S1mple
dev1ce might be the hottest player in the world atm but s1mple has been the best player this year, 100%
Astralis hate
That's fair. I agree Astralis are not a thrilling team to watch; they're clinical without being explosive. Compared to Fnatic with dennis though. their domination is logical. Fnatic with dennis made n...
USA National Debt Online
My brain can't keep up lol
Cs is no longer exciting.
They will decay at some point, that's inevitable. The questions is how long they will take for that to happen..
RFRSH own Astralis
Can men wear makeup?
You can always improve bro. I wasn't interested in decent clothes until my early 20s, and you don't have to be ripped like Schwarzenegger, just not fat and in semi-decent shape. I don't have a GF atm ...
Can men wear makeup?
A man can look good without makeup. Stay in shape, get a good haircut, wear clothes that fit and match, and you’re most of the way there.
Can men wear makeup?
As a general rule no, blokes shouldn’t wear make up.