1220 ya 1220 ya 1220 ya? <3

jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

tv shows i've watched

-lost 8/10 (weak ending otherwise ez 10)
-mad men 8/10
-prison break 8/10
-taahm 6/10
-himym 8/10
-friends 10/10
-scrubs 10/10
-suits 7/10
-the oz 10/10
-peaky blinders 9/10
-13 reasons why 7/10
-shameless 5/10
-skins 10/10
-ozark 7,5/10
-sopranos 10/10
-band of brothers 10/10
-simpsons 6/10
-futurama 6/10
-rick & morty 8/10
-the wire (not finished)
-the night manager 10/10
-mr. robot 7/10
-sneaky pete 7/10
-king of queens 8/10
-the nanny 6/10
-dexter 10/10
-the walking dead 6/10
-breaking bad 8/10
-the blacklist 7/10
-the mentalist 7/10
-stranger things 8/10
-game of thrones 7/10
-türkisch für anfänger 6/10
-modern family 7/10
-house of cards 8/10
-suburgatory 8/10
-new girl 8/10
-it's always sunny in philadelphia 10/10
-american dad 6/10
-southpark 6,5/10
-californication 10/10
-lovesick 8/10
-fresh meat 9/10
-riverdale 6/10
-the big bang theory 6/10
-vikings 9/10
-stromberg 8/10
-pastewka 8/10
-2 broke girls 6/10
-twin peaks 8/10
-sherlock 9/10
-community 8/10
-misfits 7/10 (shit after nathan left)
-homeland rn
-end of the fucking world 7,5/10
-Bosch 7/10
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are csgo pros weak?
can't think of something more beta than destroying your life cause of stupid retards. take it from a future police officer.
are csgo pros weak?
"God forbid if I was playing on LAN and I found my team mate is cheating that guy wouldn't walk on two legs again that's for sure cause I would have beaten the shit out of him." you wouldn't do shit ...
what a pathetic thing to do, op.
Chelsea fans come
look at the stars he got and how bad united plays.... eod we done here
Chelsea fans come
9th in the pl behind teams like bournemouth, wolverhampton wanderers and watford. superstars like pogba and martial hate him an want to leave asap mourinho needed that w badly and his team threw onc...
Chelsea fans come
9 Manchester United Manchester United 9 4 2 3 15:16 -1 14
Chelsea fans come
1 Manchester City (M) Manchester City (M) 9 7 2 0 26:3 23 23 2 FC Chelsea (P) FC Chelsea (P) 9 6 3 0 20:7 13 21 3 Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur 9 7 0 2 16:7 9 2...
Jewish Germany For Open Minded People
Need help with girl
you got cucked hard
23 yo german police lt
if I think it is correct to execute the police activity, yes otherwise no. there has to be a valid reason.
23 yo german police lt
cry is free
23 yo german police lt
not at all tbh.
23 yo german police lt
Bin ursprünglich aus NRW und Drogen sind hier in Bayern ein echt heikles Thema (womit ich prinzipiell aber auch kein Problem habe). Ne da wird extrem Wert drauf gelegt, dass wir unter der Uniform Mens...
23 yo german police lt
laugh as much as you want :)
23 yo german police lt
we have some latitude regarding minor crimes so I would probably do nothing especially if your are an hltv user but the haircut gotta be fresh :P