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S+ tier metal albums
Read again lmao. I said Nails is hardcore. Gojira is progressive metal
Simpsons Question??
I'm a mix of romanian, hungarian, slavic, gypsy and probably bulgarian as well, I couldn't be wacist even If I tried lmao
S+ tier metal albums Band:Nails(USA) Genre: Hardcore Band: Gojira(FR) Genre: Progressive Metal
Simpsons Question??
No, but considering the state of my country, probably yes
Rip Finland
I never leave the house, good internet, can play cs and watch IEM Katowice all day. Ez
New Generation songs > Boomer shit
Every song you posted there is utter crap Listen to some powerviolence or some grindcore, you utter pleb
That Mirage CT side was beautiful, ez for Swedish gods
what kind of fucked up cognitive dissonance do you have to come up with tot think that top teams need to have harder matches in groups. Have you ever watch any other sport in the history of the world?
Simpsons Question??
Both Bart and Lisa equally Rou
you forgot about GOD MSL
HLTV Republic
Reported. Jonathan E where are you
mibr calendar?
They are in flashpoint, they also payed 300k in advance cuz they will not be top 20 in the near future
I’m depressed
I'm glad it worked for you too. It's hard in life to actually know when you are progressing, having a hobby where you can constantly see the improvements gives you a great sens of self worth.
Lithuania future super power
The only thing I know about lithuania is Polly McShane
Absurd VALVE Banned Players