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god aim forsaken xdd
he just got VAC'd on LAN and sent home.
OPTIC INDIA crisp clean lock bois
that's called "a river" in India
OPTIC INDIA crisp clean lock bois
he just got caught with cheats on lan, are you stupid ?
Shit in the streets, Hacks on LAN, You guessed it right, I'm an INDIAN
kick sunNy
sunny was the only consistent member of his team, now that god Styko is back maybe ropz and oskar will frag better ez top 3 cuz navi is shit atm
Socialism in Venezuela
It's a combo of stupid comunist ideology and stupid capitalism ideology ( USA's fault)
Top 10 metal bands
I'm not fakeflagging. Why would I do that?
THORIN playing the victim card ?
How can his career be over when he makes 80% of his money from youtube? Is everybody in germany that stupid?
Top 10 metal bands
I blame eurotrash for populating that shit infested indian whole who gave birth to your sorry ass.
Top 10 metal bands
Well then ur a fucking pleb also. You should kill urself before you waste anymore oxygen
I am JESUS (ban)
Np mate. Wear that G2 flag loud and proud
I am JESUS (ban)
WTF I did not send anyone Edit: Holy shit I forgot about that. All hail the new Jesus Edit 2: I also got banned until the 10th for that comment. Faching hltv
Top 10 metal bands
Most likely you're a pleb shit with 0 taste in music.
Top 10 metal bands
If you want good metal bands, ignore the plebs which commented before. Check out Dark Funeral Liturgy, Deafheaven if you want black metal, Animals As Leaders, Meshuggah, Infant Annihilator or Rings of...
Well I hope u are right cuz NV was one of my all time favorite teams back in 2015/2016 but Happy strats like this " Ok, so, you go in the site, you headshot that guy, you headshot this guy, we plant, ...