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msg to hongkong and those that support them
Nt Winnie
keep dreamin, Trump trumps over every other Cu*t
Hungarians come here
I was actually thinking of tagging your name cause you're the most known Hungarian user here. Thanks for the info
Hungarians come here
That's why I asked:D
At Cluj Napoca major I wanted a picture of him an chrisJ but he was an asshole and told me to fuck off. Revenge is a dish best served cold, ma frend.
Right wing extremism and live streams
Nice answer, my man. Maybe you want to be the next american president, yes? Cause I look at what candidates you have for 2020, SuperCommie Sanders, Pedophile Joe Biden, WWE Clown Trump and that liber...
NiKo choking?
nice hashtags
It was me Sorry, but I have 500 euros on mouse and I wanna go to vacation in Norway
prove it or...
Berlin = worst major in the history of CSGO
best talent line-up you'll ever have at a major(ever), great quarter finals, great semifinals + I got to play cs 1.6 against the C9 guys at the hyperx booth. Fun times
Richard "Shox" Paprika
In Romanian, Papion ( pronounced the same as the French Papillon ) means bowtie, which kinda looks like a butterfly now that I think abut it Richard 'shox' Bowtie
It's fucking -2 degrees when I leave for work at about 7:30 in the morning, it's fucking October, not December Fix weather pl0x
Belarus - Bad news
We miss Tito :(
Belarus - Bad news
I blame your failing educational system
Flusha hair
but I like egg man :(