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I'm super proficient in English (got 95/100 at my C2 Cambridge exam) and whenever I watch brit movies (especially Scottish) I put eng subtitles on. Don't worry about it too much. If you wanna improve ...
dupreeh overrated
P1mple is a god, can't compare him to humanz
dupreeh overrated
I know, but entry-fragging is when u open up a site by taking a duel, which is different from the first kill of the round.
dupreeh overrated
He's the best entryfragger in the world atm. Can't overrate the nr 1
Faze 5 man will be ?
HUNDEN Godlike tactics Nice guy No ego Perfect fit for Faze
Obligatory FaZe Thread
Y'all know GODHUNDEN left attax and will join Faze you heard it here first
When is PLG starting?
u just played urself gg
Antifa and alt right basically humans
+1. It's funny how commies and Nazis are bashing each other, each calling the other one braindead. It's like that spiderman meme where they point at each other
Tier 1-2 teams fix
The North one is actually really good. When Karrigan get's offed by Faze, North should buy him and let him make a team.
liquid simple
STEWIE2K is replacing taco in liquid, are you living under a rock or something?
Tar?k to ex-SpaceSoldiers
He said his ability to speak Turkish is terrible, and also yeah, ex-space soldiers suck. Tarik won a major, why would he play with shitters?
"girls don't care about muscles"
If you die tomorrow, Ill tell the world the truth.
25 min left
csgo in 2015...
C'mon, the old sounds were garbage. You're just nostalgic because nostalgia is strong and u weak. 0/8
Anomaly's flight
Reply needs to have actual content