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The Boondock Saints
Tell me your biggest CS GO joke
That guy is overrated froggy. First time on hltv or something?
Gillette video
Just boycott this trash dudes.
Gillette video
Couldn't agree more my friend.
Gillette video
and since when the fuck is 'bullying' a man thing? Go fuck yourself Gillette.
Gillette video
It's a shaving brand. What was wrong with the female holding the freshly shaven man's face like all their other ads? A few year ago they had Thierry Henry, Tiger Woods & Roger Federer. Talk about chan...
Gillette video
You fucking morons. This has nothing to do with black & white but again, another stupid fucking propaganda anti male movement going on. This ad is directed at soyboys, who for one can't even grow a fu...
No i didn't miss the point. A dog in WA could walk into a mining job. Or you could do what you're meant to do, email and phone call companies and ask. Unless you're a social hand grenade in that case,...
No one is forcing you to wear that $200 t shirt. You're a fucking idiot.
If you're in WA, go get a mining job. Some AU company will feel good about themselves hiring some immigrant but truth be told really couldn't give two fucks.
240hz monitors *Choose 1
Like I said, the squeakers will try and argue. You come from Italy and like Hellraisers. You are the meaning of BAD. The fuck would you know about decent gear?
Don't get all squeaky because people are calling nifty for what he is, overrated and there is a chance he will join the team you've jumped the wagon on with.
What the fuck does it matter to you cunt?
eUnited vs Renegades
Time to release Gratisfaction. Gonna leave carnage!
240hz monitors *Choose 1
Zowie monitors and mice. HyperX keyboards and headsets. Everything else is fucking trash. Squeakers will try and argue but it's true.