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HLTV Music taste
They were led by captain Władysław Raginis... THEY HELD THEM FOR 3 DAYS.... AND THEY WERE OUTNUMBERED 40 TO 1!!!!!
HLTV Music taste
Sabaton Disturbed BöKKERS (local dutch band)
Worst city in your country?
The only "bad" thing i saw in Odense was when i was walking home at those hours, a guy was running away really fast and a few minutes later police was questioning people who were also walking home. W...
Worst city in your country?
I was there, it wasn't that bad, except for the fact i had to walk 2.5h to the hotel after one of the semis that went on past midnight xD
CS:GO not being profitable
A lot of the teams are sponsored by gambling websites, i've seen some numbers that individual streamers get to promote gambling sites, cant imagine what kind of money an org gets to promote these site...
Lost 450elo
expected from denmark only people i lose to in soloq prem = 3 stack danes
Lost 450elo
Just soloq nuke only on that elo, ez W
Ivar was annoying as fuck, especially after Ragnar died still worth the watch, amazing show.
The most expensive item in your inventory
Butterfly blue steel
first job
I was 15, started at a grocery store doing diferent type of stuff. 4 eur / hour
Yprac aim trainer
Only using the flicking -> wristshot on expert atm. Insane is doable but i dont feel like i warm up as good as when i play on expert When i am satisfied with my score i will add another one of the o...
Disturbed / Sabaton
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z e g m a k k e r
Netherlands Austria
Thank you zuid-nederland