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kjaerbyes shake
name nice
kjaerbyes shake
Good conversation boys! Thanks for the read. There's still some hope on HLTV i guess.
kjaerbyes shake
REAL AbuseR or baby one?
kjaerbyes shake
i was the hospital confirmed she shaked and the_report_machine was there
Idk what is cheap for you but i got some Ashes to Dust stuff i really like
F*CK AUG ???
i have this bind from faceit: edzie: aug player = die tomorrow mom I spam this everytime i kill someone with aug and they tilt so hard lol
I guess your rank by ur 2 favorite maps
train overpass
Which gloves?
depends on your knife
Tribal Wars
Yes there are, but with the old colonize system people keep their walls at lvl 0 so you can kick out the enemies colo ship really easy. This also means that you are vulnerable to night attacks...
Tribal Wars
ahh noice. TW is too slow for me. Grepolis is much faster and im a dick that sends colonisation ships at night lol
Tribal Wars
Used to play it, back in NL world 9... Enjoyed grepolis more when i was a kid but that was a long time ago
Faceit lvl = MM Rank?
I mean once you reach global the skill gap is insane between lower globals and higher globals but lvl 7 is defenitly not supreme in matchmaking... Global = 5/6
Faceit toxicity
Especially danes are extremely toxic (atleast on lvl 10)
NL is best MUSLIM Country!
This guy is litterly the biggest retard in politics EVER I wish some videos were in english or atleast english subtitles but oh man this guy is retarded
SK era vs Astralis era
No one will ever be as dominant as they were back then