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I got a love letter
white dosen't fit with your flag
puta israel
+1 Hitler should've finished the job
WAR in 2k18
Russia is a moral country , the us economy will collapse without war , and the us citizen are brain washed sheep by cnn and fox news
omg kid's now day , instead of fiding a job or studying and getting a degree they brag about their cs go skins ......
like trump said
but seriously who the hell wanna immigrate to the us , beside the people from latin america who are running away from gang ? gun problems homeless problem job issue racism snowflake You guys are doo...
HLTV is racist af
Yes you bomber Syria because they won the war against ISIS , their's a world for country like yours and that word is g@y
HLTV is racist af
Your gouverment support terrorist nation like saudi arabia and israel
HLTV is racist af
nt triggered dick face
HLTV is racist af
Isarel : Hitler , Gaz them all
NA LMAO!!!!!!
I am from NA and I am ashamed of my goverment supporting terrorist and gay people , but you should now , that we citizen dont agree with what our goverment is doing , always backing up terrorist like ...
australia not 1st world
99% of HTLV folks dont event know what first world and 3th world mean
favorite meme?
If you have access to meme cavern , this one is my favorite
4th reich will be slavic
it is
4th reich will be slavic
4th reich will be a Jewish from israel , we are the chosen people of god the rest of the world are purely slave ,Russia and Iran will fall , thank to the help of trump we will rise and take everyone ...
How many thief ?