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Maikelele lost it?
Maikelele lost it?
earth is flat /closed
Gym Progress!!
Keep going bro, you got this :D +you people need to respect the effort instead of criticize for once lol
But if you wanna talk about historical event that led to this, it was mainly the creation of ONU and all the diplomacy between countries that comes along. For Portugal to be accepted both in ONU, NATO...
True, biggest flop of all time :/ Still Portugal is a really nice country to live in as long as you have enough conditions to do so. I've travel quite a lot and the more I travel the more I like Portu...
A real super team.
You didn't even know mouse got rekt at the minor + "fallen sucks" LOL your replies speak for themselfs, stick to minecraft please. "imo" means in my opinion if you are not used to modern society by th...
A real super team.
-zywoo +twistzzz -karrigan + fallen imo would be stronger
Portugal Come Here!
I mean, Chaves is having a really bad season so it does not take that much to out class some of his mates, but still Im afraid he's not your savior... Lets wait and see
Portugal Come Here!
pretty average
waiting for that FREE6IX9INE guy to comment something
mibr 5th is elige
He's not even decent speaking it. He's not fluent, he can speak it a little bit since he have been playing under Zews for so long, fallen even has a video playing with the sk core we know + Elige agai...
MiBR 5th?
Not really, the even said they wanted kscerato cuz he's passive, that's why they didn't think of a player like yurih in the first place. Taco, fer and maybe felps, they're solid in the aggressive depa...
MiBR 5th?
Cuz he has "better statistics" oh boy
Stewie x Liquid
Can't say I agree but still I hope you right. Semphis to coach c9 looks a lot worse tbh
Stewie x Liquid
Can't really see adren being the key factor they need as a coach tbh, getting a guy who didn't do anything yet as a coach to replace one of the best in the world seems kinda garbage imo. Still let's s...