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BR Amigos come
usually not, its good to know the basics of portuguese, all the phrases of emergency situations and phrases of what to get in commerce, like how to ask for food, or clothes, or something like this. if...
BR Amigos come
oh, and an observation, im speaking as the country as a whole, the south, wich is where POA is, is actually safer than rest
BR Amigos come
ok. my advice is: ALWAYS pay attention in the area you are. I mean, look around, avoid taking out cellphones, cameras and etc all the time in the street, avoid going out alone in the night (or even in...
Brazilians, Portuguese come here
yep, realized that after seeing some comments
Brazilians, Portuguese come here
actually they are applicable "Não tem como eu desistir" "Não tem como eu ficar louco"/"não tem como eu enlouquecer"/"Não tem como eu ficar insano"/ etc "Não tem como eu parar de te amar" Even being ...
NIP was back in the day with a 87-0 FUCKING MAP STREAK. I repeat 87-0 MAP STREAK!!!!! This IS an ERA
Are brazilians white?
Trump-Venezuela from a leftist
One observation: Brazil is one of the richest countries in the world (richer than UK in some ranks), the problem is that government is corrupt enough to dont invest this money in the population just t...
Trump-Venezuela from a leftist
Trump-Venezuela from a leftist
hey man, in diplomacy, having a support from other countries sometimes is a good thing. If Venezuela had a situation that didn't required international atention, things there would be done by now. The...
gym in brazil
lol, 4 times world champions, had some years earlier the BEST national championship to play in the world.... cmon man, you can do better.
Looking foward to this INTZ lineup, would be absolute insane.
Choose the 5th MiBR player
i doubt fnx will ever return to this lineup, i really like him, but I don`t think thats possible
16-0 laugh thread
10 city in world to visit
lol, i dont live in rio, but my whole family does, I know what im talking about (maybe not everything, i dont go there in years, but some things are true)