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proud Astralis/TSM/? fan since 2015, karrigan_0_majors_gla1ve_1_major
im not prokda wtf
here we go boyss You have been banned from posting on the forums until: 2018-07-23T16:36:27Z
idk why tho
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Scoring System For Current Top 6 Teams 2018
Total points mouz-19 Total points Liquid-16 Total points MiBR-6 Total points FaZe-31 And from what I can understand this is the entirety of the year judging by you uncluding the Eleague major here. So...
Ground Zero vs Chiefs
ez for Chiefs
Scoring System For Current Top 6 Teams 2018
FaZe has more points than mouz, Liquid and MiBR but is under them? I dont understand this system
S1mple Vs. Device
Well the problem is, the top 10 can only fit 10 people. It's so hard to fit everyone from Astralis there cause they would take half the space. But in a perfect world all Astralis players should be at ...
S1mple Vs. Device
btw device has 4 top 10 teammates, not 3. Also I agree
FaZe need a change
I think Lekr0 could work tbh. With support from the coach he would have the chance to be gla1ve type of IGL and frag more. That would be a nice fit. I don't think FaZe is thinking about him tho becaus...
cause NA is a continent and Europe is one aswell. And btw NA is bigger than Europe in size
your first cigarette?
Unpopular opinion
No I don't see the connection. You intend to start drugs, but you don't have control over negativity. It is a state of mind that is can get progresively worse, not something you have control over and ...
Unpopular opinion
Drugs ar alcohol or anything else is something different. How does it start as a habit? You like negativity. You don't, clue's in the name. You don't want more nobody wants. You are sad when day and ...
Unpopular opinion
most common names ur country
Men: 1. Jiří (George) 2. Jan (John) 3. Petr (Peter duh) Women: 1. Jana (short form of Johanna basically) 2. Marie (Mary) 3. Eva (Eve)
[AMA] Mixed guy
AMA threads are forbiden.
Astralis should know
I think they dont give a fuck tbh, they are probably resting after Major and Blast Pro so it's kind of expected. Just look at Inferno, at 12-3 they probably thought "OK, we should start playing" and t...