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lost all money, I have nothing to eat
You're just gonna go back to gambling if we give you money. I think you should just ask for money from your parents/other family, shame is a good teacher.
American Highschool Eggball players the worse
It's a private school? All those dumb football players are probably end up getting high paying jobs at their dad's firm.
American Highschool Eggball players the worse
Life is hard if you're not smart, especially these days since so many jobs are getting automated away. The peak of these people's lives is in high school and maybe college if they're truly good at t...
American Highschool Eggball players the worse
Football can be a pretty complicated sport, but they barely know anything about the technical details of football. Their coach usually takes care of planning. What kind of intelligence do they have ...
-stewie2k +Brehze and liquid will be back up
Stew definitely doesn't seem like he's as good as he was during Liquid's best few months, but he's still pretty good. Tbh I think Twistzz is starting to turn into a problem, he plays a Coldzera type ...
-stewie2k +Brehze and liquid will be back up
I'm curious what people want from Stew. He gets the entry pretty frequently, but Twistzz seems to have no impact lately and Naf seems to have very little. Elige and Stew are only ones getting real im...
Top 10 IGL in csgo
Except LDLC has made it to major semis and almost made it to the final. With UZZZIII and Maniac. Your argument is the bad one dude, your entire argument revolves around Happy playing with world class...
New grenades
That would slow the game down a lot and make it ridiculously ct sided.
Dev1ce deserves respect.
He doesn't really look that good at the game when you watch him play (no flashy plays or insane aim). People get mad when someone seems pretty mediocre, but is somehow good.
US state tier list If it's based on stats, how in the world is Pennsylvania A tier lmao?
Top 10 IGL in csgo
Lmao old LDLC was a decent team, who cares if they didn't win anything? Has Mouz or G2 won anything recently? Nope. Happy had 2 absolute bots on his team and got decent placements.
Liquid will make a roster change
Tbh maybe. Twistzz doesn't have a lot of impact and isn't a great clutcher despite his good stats.
Top 10 IGL in csgo
If you're just baiting for frags, you need the rest of your team to be extremely good. Old LDLC was not good at all. Do you think KQLY walls helped them that much? Lmao.
ethan walling
Are you retarded lmao? You answered your own question. If he could be anywhere why wouldn't he check there? Astralis like to set themselves up for safe trade frags, so why wouldn't he think he was th...
ethan walling
That was pretty one sided. You can't really think barely audible if at all audible cues from the crowd was the deciding factor.