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Is Minecraft best game of all time?
Lmao maybe after a good ban wave or something, not now without forking over a couple bucks a month for FaceIt.
"well versed education" lmao.
Just do CS bro, you'll be making 80k+ right out of school if you're good ez.
NYU w/o financial aid: ~80k a year NYU w/ financial aid: 40k a year (probably) Still expensive as fuck.
Who wants to pay a upper middle class income every year just to go to school?
Titan return to cs
The French scene is a mess and the salaries are too high. Who's gonna gamble on either having a top 5 or top 10 team, or having a tier 3 team that's bleeding money.
"The AWP is so OP"
Pretty much. Tbh it's just too versatile, at least in 1.6 if you missed you'd wallbanged to death. In GO you can go for easy shots and retreat to safety if you miss. There's really no punishment mos...
"The AWP is so OP"
Honestly the advice he's giving can be applied to handling a player that's better than you (just overwhelm him or trick him). Which just goes to show the awp artificially boosts your skill level if ...
Free Speech
Dude who is saying this shit exactly?
Free Speech
I have no clue what you're talking about. People who say shit like this probably never even went to college man lol.
"The AWP is so OP"
This isn't even evidence it's not OP (not even gonna pick a side on that just saying). The advice in the video can pretty much be applied to most situations regardless of the weapon.
AP exams
If your college gives credit for AP classes, go super try hard. If not throw. Skipping a semester long class with one test is 100% worth it.
Dude that team was a clown show. If HenryG chose the roster, then it's on him, but if he didn't he can't make something out of nothing.