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legit csgo hack?
makes no difference at high level. especially since your sens will feel different. this is the type of shit silvers use to try to get to gold nova
legit csgo hack?
nip only has one player that has won a t1 event in the last 2 years EZ4FAZE
NIKO 1000iq strat
FaZe +valde (IGL)
already signed at og
Astralis k0nfig
I believe he was first choice when they picked up magisk. still wonder what would have happened if he went to astralis instead of magisk
New Heretics
they didnt give him a heads up that they would be announcing even though he had a report or all the info ready 2 days ago.
New Heretics
nel is really accurate with french scene & has a lot of links. I doubt he is wrong
The best prime players of all time
MSL on new sens
OG Jamppi aim lock or lag?
word.exe in a major inbound
G2 Kio
and lose their minor spot for the major? no chance
suicidal thoughts
They feel normal when you have them but they definitely aren't. If you are having them try change or moderate the things in your life that make you feel like shit one by one as best as you can. Hopefu...
BlameF salary
>People don't start from equal positions so their current status in no way reflects what they truly deserve. Some people get a head start in life but that is all. A great example of someone that grew...
In a perfect world communism or socialism works. But we live on a planet full of degenerates, slackers, hard workers, etc Capitalism rewards people that work smarter and harder than others. That is ho...