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Nip may not participate in majors which is a big problem but they still have a decent performance overall in the year,i mean they win top tier events every year and right now they have a well deserved...
this major is a pure joke
well said
this major is a pure joke
then i mistake high tier events with majors sorry :P
this major is a pure joke
losers matches have always been bo3 and sometimes winner matches were bo3
this major is a pure joke
some majors featured a winner/losers match bo3 system
this major is a pure joke
who said all the good teams would be in one group
this major is a pure joke
its pretty bad cause the swiss system allows more upsets and gives more chances to relatively bad teams because all matches are bo1.its sad that teams can get eliminated without playing a single bo3.p...
Ask a Greek about Greece .
elladara oe oe
when you cant make any good predictions and you try to buy accs who already have some pick em trophies i cri everytim
Scream kicked
they realized there are much better players than him
Fuck swiss
I believe its rigged and that the organisers try to make the games as close as possible, but in a reasonable amount so that the fans dont complain too much,in order to get as many viewers as possible....
imagine a nazi flag instead of a germany flag that would be fking hilarious plz hltv
Top 3 awpers
1)Fallen 2)S1mple 3)Dev1ce
I fix any team
woxic wont leave HR to play for SS
seen it 4 times :P