i actually loled with this tweet :D
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CR7+GOAT stats:
hmm i can name 10000 faster footballers than ronaldo. but you can't name anyone that has more footballing skills than messi ;)
space soldiers kek
fan of NiP LUL from Serbia O M E G A L U L
Brazil and spit?
name a more iconic duo ill wait
space soldiers kek
too bad your favourite team can beat "bots" ONLY with the help of crowd=cheating. and spitting ofc O M E G A L U L
What Majer did/said?
he didnt cry omg... he said fans are fantastic but only a small group of people spit and insulted them in the ceremony walk
Maj3r lying
what you expect from a brazilian
Turks are very welcome against the foreigners, Yes, A turk might kill a turk for spitting and stuff but they never act stupid against strangers. stupid troll ermeni dölü
SpaceS still Tier 2
no one said space is t1 except troll fakeflaggers... you right tho
Turkey or Israel
isreal located out of the actual world wtf?
FaZe vs Space Soldiers
imagine SS wins this and FaZe wins SK for decider match lul WW3 might start at belo horizonte
SK vs SS again
ss will win faze and faze will beat sk and SK will go out in their home. worse than 7-1 xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
SS TIER 1 or 2 ?
mustafa you were too late to create thread this time
online soldiers
SS beat SK in their BEST era. what now?
Space Soldiers vs SK Gaming BET
sick man congratz. odds were above 6 as far as i remember when they were 4-11 back in cache