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i actually loled with this tweet :D https://twitter.com/ThomasJaens/status/832906941806571520
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Astralis vs BIG
How to peek fast ?
i meant in the taxi business there are some criminals and even the company i visited advised me to ONLY book skane, the rest is most likely illegal/criminal, thats whats worrying the lebanese driver...
i have visited your county over 16 times man, lovely, very functional, very trustable, very beautiful, only a bit cold and taxi immigrants are a bit worrying imho, but for the rest sweden is my top1 f...
i was actually in sweden-lund yesterday for work and did NOT buy a ticket for this event just caus they also have shitty shoutcasters and "desk" hosts lmao😠 and i must say, i took the taxi like 10x,...
EU without Astralis
Maybe navi?? I wish GODs1 a major 😞 For the rest only astra real competitors🤷🏽‍♂️💪
Marriage in hltv
why the fuck do u wanna marry? u can also live together officially by the law, djezus u got a 2k2 brain or what? xD thats so not this generation dude.
EG "American" team
FYI america does not have "clean" dna, its always a mix of smth.. polish background/turkish (tariks case)/latinos/asians/..... whatever
machine sucks
https://twitter.com/ThomasJaens/status/1178368873831251969 this is so true xD machin is a host guys not a caster, esl has the money but again need biased people retweet??? 😋😋
Liquid vs Astralis
Baguette brain?🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Liquid vs Astralis
Hahaha nabrainnn
looking for girlfriend
Me too
hobbit wife
Then please do tell me why are there over 1 billion muslims on this planet? xD and not less since according to your logics they should be banned/disappear in order to “peace to return” U made my day r...
yu just got burnt dude XDDD admit it OMEGALUL
hobbit wife
again, cant tell if ur baiting, or just mentally ..? i do live in europe myself, for over 32years now. in belgium if you wanna know more precise, so i'm neighbours with this dude over here... i also k...