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Donate me skins... I am just poor student with talent for csgo :D
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Well, you hear it hear now. What problems? Well for example the colours could be off, CPU could send out wrong or blind numbers so you can get stuttering etc. :) You wanted advice - here you go. Do ...
Your hardware gets updated every few moths and if you ignore it and just download the latest patch after a few years you can miss some important things from the patches before and it can cause problem...
"updated my drivers after 2 years" well there is your problem. Reinstall all the drivers or better - Reinstall the whole windows and start again. Keep your drivers up to date and you wont have any pr...
"yeah is just a flu."
Its not a flu... It is comparable to flu with the deaths. If some 70 yo guy gets flu he dies and thats it. Same with this covid. The only problem is that it has super long incubation period so you can...
Best csgo match !
LG vs Liquid - major semi
Audi best car?
Old japan cars, old american cars > audi
Watch Big Mouth. I havent ever laughed at series like that
shit drivers come here
tHaT wAs A jOkE
shit drivers come here
I crashed my car because some idiot doesnt use mirrors and indicators. He switched lane in roundabout right in my face so I got on the brakes and went off the road since it was frozen. He didnt stop, ...
shit drivers come here
I think you have the sides wrong man :) Faster cars on the left
The best investments here are buying apartments and then renting them. Their price is rising all the time. Save up some more money and them slowly make yourself independent. Thats my plan atleast.
rate my clutch
Then CSGO has changed since I played last... Faceit used to be a place where good players played.....
rate my clutch
So you are ruining new faceit players... same shit :D
Fires are killing animals :( LETS KILL ANIMALS TO PREVENT IT! Stupid australian goverment... Less rain and more heat is caused by El Nino hurricane changing currents. Its raining a lot in Africa and ...
rate my clutch
You were supposed to get headshotted when you peeked from the left side of box and missed. Either you got ultra lucky or they were silvers. Based on that they were coming at you one at a time.... Yea...