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Donate me skins... I am just poor student with talent for csgo :D
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Operation drops explain me
Whats the price of the pass please?
i will r8 ur car
Automatic xDDDD 0/10
i will r8 ur car
I have Ford Mondeo ST220 for some time. Just bought old Ford Puma for around 400€. Gonna fix it for like 150€ and then use it for Gumbalkan (Some kind of a race. From CZ to romania, in romania through...
Buying my first GUCCI
You just completly wasted your money. Well played! The way you look should express who you are and what you like. Buying stuff that you feel is good just because its expensive says enough for me to av...
[18+] R8 MMV
What is wrong with you
VAR in football
Real Madrid fan spotted
CSGO 20th anniversary in China
And yet this is the best team in the world. Tryharding 24/7 isnt the thing. G2 are showing something that nobody could ever think about. RIP first seed tho :/ Sorry for bumping this old thread... I a...
Sex anyone and leave butt ok is the only thing I could read
religious jokes
Religion is a joke on its own so it doesnt matter if its islam or whatever
[18+]GF sexual partners
She can teach you how to get fucked by 4 guys maybe 60 partners in 22... Shes a slut
LOTR ending
I just love your thinking and your ability to express yourself. Have you ever thought about writing? Like a jurnalist or critic
LOTR ending
Didnt look like it when he tortured smeagol Edit: And when he was burning down innocet villages
LOTR ending
Sauron was the one who started the war first. He would have won if it wasnt for isilgur.
LOTR ending
Yes, i did and I am not ashamed of it
What you should feeling when found perfect sensitivity?
shoot a dot into a wall and start walking left and right while keeping your cross right on it Do it more times, allways from a longer distance and the one is the one you are able to keep on the dot th...