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Donate me skins... I am just poor student with talent for csgo :D
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Petition for S1mple 1. 2018
"We can all agree that S1mple deserve the 1. spot" Nope. Even tho I hate device and whole asstralis, I know that he is top 1 in 2018. Just facts Tbh simple is 2. just because of all those unimpactfu...
Most toxic community
LoL for sure
TOP 20 PLAYERS OF 2018: #2
Thats not a risk at all LUL
Is Valve a good developer for CS:GO?
Keep the movement, keep shitty looking maps and models (didnt like that HD models updates) for better FPS. I dont care about engine. But CSGO needs attention from the developers. - We need new AC. WE...
TOP 6 99,99%
LOL look at my profile and check my threads from the past... I honestly and trully hate astralis from the bottom of my hearth
TOP 6 99,99%
Arrogant OEMAGALUL Device will be #1 even tho I hate asstralis. Facts
Why is 1)Device 2)Simple
Messi is the best and Barcelona is the best team in the world for sure. S1mple is not the best imo. Navi put him in a super star role and he is allowed to bait. In the end he isnt that good
1. Horrible things are happening there and USA with Russia trying to get influence there doesnt help the situation at all... 2. I think you know my opinion.... It destroyed the most promising state in...
How to get big penis ?
Click on the commercials on porn sites to find out
Faceit elo hell
Yes I dont even know who it is
Does this still bait someone?
Top 12 players 2018
It doesnt matter if he will be there or not.... Look at yourself. Toxic and arrogant af. Work on your attitude and then someone might have a normal conversation with you
If s1mple doesn’t get #1
"music" OMEGALUL
If s1mple doesn’t get #1
You can start preparing ;)
Top 12 players 2018
And you are toxic and dumb at the same time :) I think I win anytime :)