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Zywoo overrated
He is the awper,what is he supposed to do?
Tougher lands make tougher people.Following this,Balkan people are alphas cuz they live in shitholes and Western people are betas cuz they live in good countries
Dude VP sucked dick so much harder in 2018,at least they are getting a few wins and close matches against somewhat decent teams here and there,they should've disbanded a year ago honestly,I dont think...
Major titles mean nothing
Sonehow people like you completely fail to understand that you need a TEAM to win a major.Vitality is not a team,its Zywoo +average at best players.Na'Vi is basicly s1mple and electronic. In Astralis...
Astralis prime > Fnatic prime ???
s1mple wants to leave navi
Yes,s1mple literally destroyed Zeus and Edward,he is the singular reason why they left,they themselves could've been the best players to ever touch this game but they played with s1mple unfortunately
Why do you think Valve haven't nerfed the krieg yet ?
Valve doesnt care about CS enough,simple as that And they dont even try to hide it by adding at least some little changes or content to make us say at least they are trying.We didnt get anything meani...
Yes,it is so easy to play with 4 bots that die early on CT so there are gaps in the defense
Zywoo top 1?
Yes he can be because top1 means best player and not the best trophy cabinet but for some reason people value the cabinet more than actually how good a player played
zywoo baits hard
zywoo baits hard
Yes,Zywoo baits the entire team so hard they whiff half of their shots because of it
rain tweet lul
I'd be ashamed af fuck if I was on Vitality and I'm not Zywoo(and maybe alex) This guy needs better teammates but they will most likely not go international and there arent proven tier1 French players...
Maps Update Soon
Dude events are usually not announced like half a year before with full details,its like few months,why the fuck does that matter for you so much anyway?
You mean priests?
FaZe vs Vitality
shox 19-44 Nice firepower,isnt he supposed to be like a 2nd star or something?