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Astralis vs G2
NiP vs Natus Vincere
CHOKERS IN PYJAMAS LUL 12-1-->13-16 lmaooo what an insane comeback from navi
NAVI with AdreN and HObbit
It looks better on paper tbh,the problem is idk how their relations would be with kane and zeus,it could leadto internal problems
s1mple play for rating
skadaddy :(
Skadoodle is a nobody compared to flusha and snax
G2 VP or Cloud9?
G2 VP had one good event at least(V4)
FaZe Clan Roster Predictions
HR speaks English you know
Snax rekt Mouz.
mouz players are fucking idiots tbh,i dont know how did they think it will be good.. put a star plyer that has been in a slump for 1.5 years into a support role and expect it to be great and all is ju...
Snax is right.
Snax made a statement?
Snax is right.
Yeah also GTR was top1 in csgo all the way he was just out of form for about 4 years
Mibr top 4
Theyarent on a top4 level but there are no better teams atm so they have to be top4.
Even as a Na'Vi fan I cant say Na'Vi is a top2 team atm. Liquid has way better form. Also meanwhile MIBR is definetly not on a top4 level,they have to be top4 because the others just arent better.Mouz...
Yeah they didnt beat mouz in NY but they definetly have the ability to do that and they've only met once so far with the same lineups. Even then mouz already kicked Snax so it doesnt really matter now...
They can beat every single team in a series except Astralis before(they beat Astralis in a bo1 just to add)how on earth cant they be top2? And who the fuck says that you need to win trophies to be top...