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Dark Souls isnt hard
It is mostly down to learning the enemies attack and move patterns,having the dexterity to dodge at the right time and manage stamina.There are other smaller things ofc but if you learn the system it ...
when did you start watching cs?
In 2016 I heard that you can get free stuff by watching the major so I started watching Cologne 2016.The rest just came
Truth about LAN
Dealing with the psychological pressure from the crowd is not part of the game ???????? At least its a bit funny bait
His rating is great but you have to look at the amount of maps he played which is really low.Against top20 teams he has half the maps played compared to Gambit players and against top5 he literally pl...
Do you think Cloud9 will return?
I dont think so,look how quick they killed the previous roster even though they pumped insane money into them and even though people like to think they were shit,they were like 10% or a roster change ...
Thorn whats wrong with him?
Bruh you cant interpret English,you take every word he says literally.Its an analogy,you dont need need to take every word as it is,think a little. What I think he means is that when the scene was sma...
Thorn whats wrong with him?
You dont even know what he is saying.He means that some people(he means gla1ve) became slaves to money as in they do things for money they shouldnt do(or at least things Thorin thinks they shouldnt do...
Yes,I would probably die otherwise
the most overrated player at the moment
He has 1.25 rating this year,thats superstar level in tier3-4.He needs to proove himself in higher tiers ofc but he is becoming one of the hottest talents out there in Europe
ZywOo ranking 2021
It is a hard question because he did play very well but his team is so bad,they only got into the playoffs in 3 events and one of them was a qualifier.The deepest he ever got was a semifinal twice,he ...