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ruskie govno
I had more crazy fights with my brother than everyone else count together and thats exacly what I meant. You cant hate everyone who have hurt you till the end of times or someday u will meet situation...
Five Seven or CZ?
nice song i found 2day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2S19A6l2OUA&start_radio=1&list=RDMM2S19A6l2OUA
nothin againts them playin if they are not gold novas boosted to lems or higher but they usually are
ruskie govno
russia is like our retarded, older brother that always bully us when drunk, but hes still a brother. Cant you just hate some muslims like normal polak?
AGO vs Red Reserve
I think both teams bet own loose and they just cant finish it
Virtus.pro vs TyLoo
good time for match ffs 5am monday
give music
mid one is good. I forgot about this song, thanks for reminding it
give music
give music
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oy5hcamHOBA also check ukrainian euroviosion 17 performance. beginnng is boring but later is fucking sick. not what crowd expected at all Xd
give music
you can check some of these artist if you havent cheked em yet two feet 20syl the xx chet faker yelawolf (especially love story album) joji eden dennis lloyd unlike pluto hippie sabotage and some song...
Is Poland good at what sport?
Just ate a row wasp ama
ok I myself am disgusting weeb so maybe im not the right person to criticize you. eat as many wasp as you want.. youre russiian so you should be ok eating anything anyway
Just ate a row wasp ama
you should consider relying on their decision couple years more maybe
Just ate a row wasp ama
im not sure what to think. does your parents know about your new hobby?
r8 polish girl
would do eventually