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Poles come here
blacks - ok muslims - ok if not trying to indroduce us new religion but anyone thinking that someone is original cuz resurected after 3 days, had 12 disciples, was born of virgin and save the world (...
Poles come here
omg cant just this leftist cunts stfu already? everyone knows who was right at this point. dont have anything against blacks or islam, its samely retarded as any other religion...but plz just stop pr...
Furries wtf
Furries make this world more diverse and colorfull. isnt this what current world loves the most?
Kylian Mbappe
typical polish hater who hates polaks who achieved smth the most what did u do mr trihard? got your global alrd?
U could move to gorlitz mate. Very nice city connceted to polish zgorzelec in one city. Work on german side and do shopping on polish. All my friends are doing this and living decent lifs there even o...
[18+] r8 black girl
shes nice but looks somehow dirty. 10/10 when showered
why hate muslims
both islam and christianity should be considered illegal and dangerous for human development. the difference is that 95% of young christian-countiries citizens are in fact atheist and 95% of young mus...
Kinguin vs ENCE
Your salary?
smth like 1000 ers monthly. 8 hours. 4 h working 4h pretending that im doing something productiv - at least 1h nap daily and 1h gym. Not bad for poorland but I would like to multiple it at least twice...
mouz | cold
there is no more room to join mouz in kinguin wtf u talking about?
Am i sexy? [18+]
yas no homo
Eat pork
I didnt like pork till i get to know that muslims dont like it either. I like it now. schabowe is love schabowe is life my friends
R8 this hottie
wtf why u even know about this shitty video
R8 this hottie
it was a joke right?