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Federal Officers in USA Cities
Yes atm I would say cities like Chciago, Portland, Seatle are not much better then Mexico. CHOP has shown couple days in a row how society without law enforcment looks like. Same yesterday. At the fun...
Federal Officers in USA Cities
Better solution than none. Maybe open more shelters and trauma centers so ppl can keep up with mental healin in new gang-run reality. No need for help. Respec for voving that under no circumstances yo...
Trump Biden Debate
tf man why this guy not in jail
good. now Trump has to win and maybe forced globalization which basicly is wealth transfer from poor/mid-class to the richest will be stopped for another couple years. It will happen... eventually an...
AGO vs Lyngby Vikings
can you stop bullying me? its already bad without it
+ back to back
AGO vs Lyngby Vikings
its not ez to be fan of polish cs...
Jamppi Should Be Unban
ok jamppi
DUDA 2020
better than trzaskowski whose main concerns are global warming and homophobia. like what for f sake? great stories to steal 10% gdp and call it a great succes cuz air is cleaner and human rights are l...
[Poll] Best Human in history?
im suprised theres no george floyd
Being rich actually sucks
yeah must be though to be consiedered only lucky & born privileged by everybody worth befriending/falling for
Corona in Poland
And it came from Jermany of course like every other plague we had
polish scene
Have you seen his latest matches in arcy? Guy is just mentally unable to win. Its not about his aim or movement. You could call this curse or smth. Hes just so unlucky and so unconfident in his plays ...