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Bren vs NASR
why has the game stopped with 1 round in at inferno? X)
Liquid has really gone down tacticwise since their top moments on the rankings X) vs HAVU
Cuz online VP is not good at all. Or doesnt gibe as much. As u saw that faze vs Vp game at ECS yesterday was more important for then this league. While havu is performing more consistent. Go havu!
internazionale vs SMASH
I would be suprised if this mix-up team win over smash whos been a solid team for a while now :) Anyone agree?
Drinking Water
Everyday at work, Home at the pc, Whem O eat food. At the gym, surely 2-3Liters/day
Brazil irl
EG so lucky
Nip is playing good. Better than usual, makes me proud to see them happy and enjoying the match. Even tho Eg "might" take me map 3 getting back in their consistency finally
Evil Geniuses vs NiP
Even tho Flukia/furia pretty much got smashed at the end of nips matchup I cant lie and say that EG should either 2-0 or 2-1 Ninjas without any problems with this form of their. TOP 3 TEAM! :)
[TIP] How to trigger your country ?
Indeed it is.
[TIP] How to trigger your country ?
Show an old christmas cartoon from atleast 50 years back > Gets removed for somebody being triggered by one 3second scene
Good Boii <3
Imagine legit reporting players instead of doin it when triggerd
Chiefs vs ORDER
Cheifs should show up better on their map. Vertigo ist not one of their hometurfs so to say!
Illuminar vs GamerLegion
I went for a small bet with 20euro on Illuminar, those I trust the most of these 2
i Rate your PC
As I wrote over ;) thats next step