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TYLOO vs TheMongolz
Is +30 K/D is overrated ?
s1mple LMAO
So tier 1 is consist of only 3 teams? That's so few for a massive game like csgo.
I R8 your steam profile
Steam is US based company, I believe they don't give a f**k about Nazi. Probably the only US citizen who cares about them is Captain America.
He can, at least it's sufficient to communicate in CS though.
-kioShiMa +BnTeT
No it's not. And he can't speak mandarin either. On freezetime usually the manager translate the IGL call on english to him.
TheMongolz vs Renegades
Gengis Khan's army has conquered asia, now it's time for Europe. Would history repeat? :p
Wallhack at dreamhack?!
I thought someone was slamming the table until I saw the replay hahaha
Wallhack at dreamhack?!
Thank God 1080p 60fps exist on youtube.
strongest 20 militaries in world [*] ur country
US probably or surely had the most advanced military at the moment, but I think you're wrong if you think China's outdated. With their vast resources and economic power, I still think they got somethi...
Drug vs cheat
Try one, play CS, then tell us again your opinion.
WHY would fnatic get involved in shuffle?
I like to read arguments, dont care who's right or wrong. Aggresive attitude or swearing isn't pleasing to read unfortunately.
WHY would fnatic get involved in shuffle?
why so mad?
Shox emo attitude?
Maybe he's not as knowledgeable as you?
gtr looks tired of nip
http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/loyal You're welcome.
gtx 970 users report ur fps
try to read his comment slower, maybe then you'll get what he meant.