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Do you like your country?
Capitalism > Communism
This is a really bad response lmao. You said "communism is bad" He said "but look at this communist society, it is doing well." Then you said "but it's Communist, and communism is bad." Also anarc...
If NRG Lose Today
Nrg going to win so this thread is unnecessary.
FaZe ScreaM
Fox, Maikelele, and Dennis are at the same skill level as Guardian, olofmeister, and NiKo? I don't think so lmao.
EU. Cloud9
Replace cromen with some North American support player. A slightly worse team would be worth it to play in a much easier region. Alternately, -Sean +Golden.
Worst roster change in cs:go history.
Because Fnatic are dumb. Golden was way better than Xizt. Unless there were serious internal problems that couldn't be solved, Fnatic really fucked up their team for no reason.
MGK or Eminem
+1 Lillian Pumpernickel best rappist alive.
Major day #1 predictions
That's valid, but I don't think the firepower difference is enough to make up for the tactical deficit. Also something to consider: in both of the last two majors, a "hometown team" has made a surpri...
Major day #1 predictions
I don't think Fnatic is very good, but more importantly, I think complexity has a strategic depth that Fnatic lacks. Furthermore, complexity has an underdog mentality, and a British player, so the cro...
Major day #1 predictions
Agree, but I think complexity will pull off the upset against fnatic.
Ghost 5th
Meh, you're probably delusional if you think Jack Etienne isn't gonna get as much as he can for auti.
Tempo Storm Future
If Fnatic did -Golden +draken, I think -Cheti +golden would make this team pretty interesting
Faze vs Astralis
Some of these are just terrible mental mistakes that I wouldn't expect from Gold Novas, let alone top pros...
Weird town/city names names pt 2
I know there's a Fucking, Austria