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I see 1 map that they won vs <VP and it was when mini was just added. And there are 2/3 close maps. I don't see how but I do agree GOSU does have underrated upset potential.
Nah, I don't think so. MVP is a much better team right now.
Respect man, I remember you from the thread you made about NEO being underrated.
G403 wired vs deathadder elite
No, Rival 600 has different side grips from the 310.
G403 wired vs deathadder elite
Deathadder has high click latency, g403 shape is hit or miss. Go for Rival 600 imo. Or Zowie EC.
3DMAX ScreaM?
I know. But nope, that had to do that nV bs.
Astralis 2018, the best CSGO team of all time
Close, but not yet.
K.A.A.N *edit* not to downplay Eminem, he's a god.
RIP Stan Lee
Saddening. He started on the 3rd Captain America comic in 1941. Incredible.
3DMAX ScreaM?
I'm just gonna repeat what I've been saying since early 2017. If G2 just -SmithZz +KennyS originally, the French scene wouldn't be fucked. shox ScreaM KennyS RpK bodyy Maybe -bodyy in late 2017 - m...
soloq to global
Yeah, we just need to get better at the game, and also pick us up a RGB pro MLG gaming toilet
soloq to global
I wish I could play MM without getting matched with a god tier player that 360s all the time. Those guys aren’t cheaters though, they just have RGB gaming chairs... but like the entire chair is made o...
Solo is the Korean NEO in 2016. Support, IGL, but has huge clutch potential.
What sensitivity are you play with?
0.9 800 dpi 500hz
Astralis vs MVP PK
MVP is looking to carry on the legacy of WeMadeFOX/Project_kr in terms of upset potential. Wouldn’t be suprised if by mid 2019 they are top 20, or even top 15, but that might be a stretch as of now. G...