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I rate your steam profile.
Music nerds come!!!!
https://youtu.be/coYGq3Ptxcw https://youtu.be/cpNUqNe0U5g https://youtu.be/qbZckOU2xyI Here are three songs of different genres that are considered new to most people, enjoy :)
Favorite team?
My favourite teams disbanded long ago and all of the players on those teams are irrelevant now, I guess Liquid and EG, but only cause there are Canadian players in there. *gonna edit this*, MVP is an...
i gues your faceit lvl
Only played FACEIT for a short time, but: 0.75 @ 400dpi, raw off, 5/11 windows 1.40 51% 24 games
Shroud n0thing Ska
all aim no brain vs all brain no aim
Depends on the map tbh.
Random CS:GO Pro player facts!
Yeah, obviously not a good one, but I heard she was on a polish 1.6 team.
Most overrated player per relevant csgo country
I’m completely unbiased, and I agree completely.
Most overrated player per relevant csgo country
AdreN is overrated because he was a very good player for an extended period. Michu for Poland JUGi for Denmark Markeloff for Ukraine JW is overrated, yes, but Gtr is even more so still. Also, whil...
Fox is over device...
Random CS:GO Pro player facts!
NEO’s wife used to be a female pro in 1.6 Dosia owns a car wash. Dev1ce was almost a pro badminton player, but he chose CS.
Your celebrity crush
Margot Robbie
Pros GF's thread
Neo’s is nice imo.
I had my first drink at 16. I drank twice when I was 17. I drank extensively, regularly at age 18 to 20. I’ve toned it down a bit because I recognized it was getting to be a bit of a problem. I still ...
TenZ popularity
He’s trying to be the next Shroud. He’s Canadian, he has nuts aim in pugs and aimbotz and is a bot in officials. He even switched to 1080p like Shroud. He also seems to care about streaming to highlig...