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Trump worst president ever
personally I am willing to call it because I think that Bush was easily one of the worst presidents in the the last 125 years.and if I had to pick between Bush and Trump,I would pick bush to be presid...
if WW3 happens
what will happened if ww3 happened today ? politically,first its the end of the left and everything it stood for and there might emerge a monarchy; will send us back to a time when there...
first issue is that many muslims are in fact non believers.they remain closeted because to renounce their faith means being ostracized by not only their families but their entire communities.within is...
tea > coffee
both tea and coffee have caffeine, especially green tea and both tea and coffee help you lose weight, as well as the fact that both tea and coffee are extreamly popular in their own sense. both are gr...
Putin worst president?
I am not a putin fan but nor do I dislike him.I don't like to get involved in things relating to him.I will say I am a little bit suspicious of him.I never really trust anyone who was a soviet gov. of...
put ronaldo in the same tight situations messi manages to dribble himself out of time and time again, and he wouldn't be able to ronaldo only good when he has miles of space in front of him or when h...
syria shot down US missiles
this is very risky for the usa.if they fail in syria as they have done numerous times elsewhere (vietnam, iraq, afghanistan..) or simply create bloody chaos (libya) the american empire will collapse ...
Fortnite >>> PUBG!
in fortnite ,you can't just go out and kill anyone with just gun,you need to be equally good in building as well as shooting,or else enemies will outplay you easily ,it takes atleast weeks to get good...
UCL Draw
I'm not counting roma out.people will say about the comeback.but they are an incredible team already
overrated musicians/bands?????????
u2 is very overrated, their songs sound the same ac/dc is tremendously overrated, their songs are lame. .
WW3 sides
i think world war 3 will never start. and if china participate in war then his baby pakistan will also join and then.india must need to join war but my india allies with which country ? nope this wi...
Best Muslim Countries
why is malaysia not here?
this is by far my most favorite far cry it is just perfect with the music perfectly matching the background and the mission getting to feel like your part of it.
SS finally tier 1? top3 ez
Astralis vs Space Soldiers
koksal baba is very popular in georgia ?