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Juliano in your bedroom
ur gay why not take her doggy? her ass is good so u can keep light on.
who programs us?
a childs mind is pure and the longer it takes in information the sooner it will be toxic.
why am i born?
What if i was in paradise with all this 72 virgins?
reporting a terrorist attack in europe became like standart thing like in bagdad i believe.
alpha male come here
see u cannot be alpha cuz alpha dont make fun of other ppl cuz they know only thing that matters is their own life.
if u look around we are literally the cancer of the earth, look how we ruined this planet
alpha male come here
alpha male on hltv during the daytime LUL
Taxes in you country ?
You know that 50% of world wide taxes are just put in the fucking military. rest is just the money your country owes to the banks. for the thing you listed they will take loans from central bank whic...
Taxes in you country ?
actually smart i would also not work if i get 1500 from government when i get 1500 from normal job in IT 40h a week.
what to do with 1.25mil
u need to learn alot from the entertainment and sport industry :D
meat = luxury good
i missclicked this msg was for #85
meat = luxury good
cuz pharma industry does the same with vitamin pill supplement. just see cough syrup drops its 60% sugar rest is ginger,honey,lemon which u can basically consume urself.
meat = luxury good
Pharma industry works with meat industry together 100% first they make you sick with food and then they sell your shitty fake medicine for profit. prove me wrong.
meat = luxury good
even my local butcher said he dont know where they come from and what they are fed. u will have to find a local free range farm which is quite hard in a capital city.
"girls don't care about muscles"
i dont care how u look what u are its just ur behaviour. to encourage ppl to workout instead of telling them u virgin skinny faggot. i mean this is why i hate ppl that follow trends cuz they lost all ...