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(+18) ass expert
what, the actual fuck?
lack of movement!
back in the days they probably didn't had a poisoned air that made u puke everytime u took a deep breath in a capital city.
best comedian ever this the best comedy shit ive seen, ever.
are you going pro?
lemme guess its ur 2nd account?
+18 r8 fight
GET HIS ASS, that niga gay.
best dog bread
yup, they have their own head but they also always return to the place they escaped from.
Palestinians life [18+]
israel very bad, thats why no one is allowed to criticize them cuz they rule the fookin world. wouldn't shock me if the zionist scum killed 2 million of their own ppl just to have this level of indep...
best dog bread
beagle is cool until u have one. most subborn motherfuckers on the planet. even went to dog school with my beagle and its still considered one of the obedient beagles there but man this dogs, are fun ...
e-sport rigged?
it's not normal when both team have the same betting sponsor then, its strange asf.
Car advice?
buy shitty car, if its ur first,u will crash it anyway in the first 1-2 years.
embarassed in gym
if ur a real person and not a bait , ur literally the most insecure person ive ever met be it internet or real life. get professional help or just start working out.
ExpressVPN i can recommend big time.
Federal Reserve Bank!
they are cucks.
Rate Frozen GF
why gold digger? shes not even good lookin, frozen is good looking on the other hand, he can have many many better grills.
brah the world is a corrupted shit hole. sell everything go to a island where no humans are and live there until the system completely collapses, return and enjoy glory.