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113 hours - mg2 Can't faceit or esea cause shit net :((
r8 my shoe collection
"Generally" Of course IF the shoes are hyped then they will sell out, I don't know how designer brands work but they have tons of stock and can just order more can't they? Yeezy aren't designer, the...
just reinstalled csgo
Are you black? Must be why CS isn't for you
r8 my shoe collection
Same, but there are people who sells 2nd hand. Usually they just wear it once or twice (or so they say XDD) take some cool pics post on instagram and then resell it, the shoes themselves look pretty d...
r8 my shoe collection
Designer shoes generally have no resell value during the season they come out, because there's always a stock for it, in terms of quality it's made out of the same material just different craftsmanshi...
rate my shoe collection
Also pretty sure my human race alone costs as much as all your vans combined mr ysl fashion killa
rate my shoe collection
Thats why i didnt brag about them ;) I'm not as insecure as you to go look for acceptance randomly from strangers
rate my shoe collection
rate this denim jacket
Maybe sell your vans and ub collection and you can afford one of the sleeve
How can you respect Faze
You dont fucking know anything about orgs just stop talking please
How can you respect Faze
How can you respect Faze
Who what
How can you respect Faze
Idk are u retarded or baiting
How can you respect Faze
Immortals bought the brand MIBR, stop talking when you dont know shit