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Wtf then why do you watch movies? All of the time the good guy win don't they?
What to doink now ?
Go outside to appreciate middle eastern culture
Mia Khalifa
That is quite creepy why would you get a tattoo of a pornstar like what did she even do that impacted your life so much that you feel a need to preserve her on your skin
dont cry gringos
I wore Gucci before it became a meme
Don't reply btw i know you're a retard
I wore Gucci before it became a meme
I dont even wear gucci but I like the "common sense isnt that common" shirt cause it's pretty ironic Also if you say fag and nt then I assume you're like 16 but your post makes you look 30 if you're ...
I wore Gucci before it became a meme
You wore gucci before it became mainstream but you're also too afraid of an expensive bag being damaged? Sounds like a poor kid trying to fake his wealth, pic of og gucci shit or bs
AWP Needs serious nerf
Idk maybe cause the game will die in a few years and get a remake therefore having to learn all the skills again and then sucking harder than the new generation of players which leads to me being tras...
AWP Needs serious nerf
any LEM can pick this shit up and go pro aka JDM
Adidas girls
NBK that one friend who talks shit behind your back to hang out with the cool bois then when the cool bois are gone he goes back to chill with you like nothing happened
Your first kiss?
Wtf I wasn't even born in 'Stralia I came here by boat :(
How much is your outfit?
Listing outfit you're wearing not dream wardrobe wtf
How much is your outfit?
Pharrell hu race sun glow - 550 Uniqlo kaws x peanut sweatshirt - 50 Bape x undefeated hoodie - 600 Generic tight jeans - 90 $1290
How much is your outfit?
Waiting for prokda to come here flex his saint laurent t shirt which is the only thing he owns and tries to boost his ego by promoting a fashion brand which everyone knows about on a CSGO forum