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Avid football fan (Chelsea FC are my favorite) and garbage at playing CS, but I still play. I'm here to spread my wisdom. I hate to argue with people and rather talk about topics like an adult.

*I typically will write long winded replies to simple questions.*
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lesbian parents murder their 6 adopted children
This happened in the area where I live. This story is like a year old bro.
Ngl I was a Chelsea fan for about 10 years. They drew me in with an amazing team that had courage and most importantly an identity. I started to think about switching favourite teams when they didnt r...
He was pretty damn good at times with the AWP but wardell is imo the best AWP talent in NA right now. Tim seems like Taco where you just tell him what you need and he does it. Hes so adaptable.
He could be good but they should drop him for wardell so Tim can go back to rifle.
zombie apocalypse
My parents own a small 300 acre thing of land in the middle of no where. I also live in a small town that probably wouldn't get infected right away. Given the lead time I would have, I would gather so...
best spongebob episode
Reported for making me pick my favourite
How much do you make per month?
Dang that's rough, in my state we just got historical funding for the transportation department and have hired roughly 500 to 700 engineers. When you were in school did you try to get an internship?
How much do you make per month?
Name checks out... But in all seriousness, if I had gone and worked for a private firm instead of public I could be making much more (Probably around double what I'm making now).
How much do you make per month?
How much do you make per month?
Fully understand that my salary most places would be appreciated as great deal more. I just can't wait till I'm making the max.
How much do you make per month?
Entry level engineer for my state $5200 before insurance, retirement, and taxes. Take home is only about $3300 :/ but should grow a lot in the next few years.
i will r8 your fav game
Candy crush
#17 100% Autimatic
Holy shit. Props to you for calling it.
Sea of Thieves [Sale]
Its great if you have 2 or 3 friends and you just wanna chill. It's nothing like most games out right now. People will say its repetitive and sure the games purpose is doing quests and making $$$ but ...