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hello guys my name is Noob Head m yy parent found this funny because it rhytms with each other like Noob then hEad haha, they named me this because they think they were funy but theyre not really because now i get bullied because of this name.. sometimes poeple wquestion my why i have this name it ell them my parents troll me loooooool so anyways i live in unite states of america iget bullied for being obese because im 5foot 10 inches and weight 170 pounds im currently in 5th grade my dream is to become hltv admin because sometimes i think n my headw they get paid alot like johnathan e i can think hes rich lol if i dont become admin then all my edumication will be wasted because i worked very hard from preschool to 5 grade so 6 years. i haev 2 parents one female and one mile they re very nice to me they take care of me sometimes i shit my bed my mom help me clean it i go to schook 7 days a time and so far im on a right track and achieving my goal of becoming admin. hopefully someday johnatha e will notice me and invite me to the admininstration tema because i worked very hard to get to wher ei am. i stll ave a lot of schol ahead of me like middle school and high school i hope i will finish it n no time and become the best admin of hltv. first i will apologize to everyone that were banned wrongfully( even though they were banned by different person ).
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