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disgusting! I will be sharing this outrageous video with my friends to spread awareness, thank you for bringing this to our attention. did NOT laugh!!!
Question to Russians
too hard for smoll brain
Enemy of your country?
is water wet? Lol
Enemy of your country?
Legalizing Weed
100% if vodka and other hard liquor is legal why shouldn't the less harmful leaf be, its weird how big stigma there is around weed in older generations, my mum once found my vodka bottle when i was l...
Valve greedy jews
wow company trying to make money wtf, they should be executed tbh
11 girls approached me this year
USA Betting? Help
pretty sure you can't, even i u use VPN its still illegal in USA and betting sites won't accept ur ID neither maybe there are some traders or something similar but the one I use won't accept people f...
"knows exactly where to look"
which countries have u visited
Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Austria Austria was my favorite, visiting Spain early next year probably
skinny arms what to do
man ur 50kg..... It should be super easy to bulk up at least 10 to 15kg edit: obviously I don't know ur situation so idk if its ''super easy'', but if you can afford a gym membership (which technical...
How tall are you
190 18
How tall are you
broski no offence but what is that outfit mens(((((((((
just go to reddit????
everyone depressed!
well people used to work 12-14h a day in old times just to survive, were they all depressed?