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FaZe vs NiP
if they don't that would be embrassing as hell. the whole thing about "they just need time" just become bullshit for them if they got beat by team with coach as stand in.
OG + Choke, nothing new
Reply ONLY to the same flag
me commenting on this thread to find my fellow brother
How many igls faze could pick up
i think they do good with xist, neo, and adren. i don't know anymore tbh. even if they change one player to bring igl, it's already too late. the whole player in this roster already have a mindset of ...
Natus Vincere vs OG
OG is choking like always. They basically have 3 player that have experience at making call (NBK, Aleksib and valde) and yet no one know how to close a game. OG is a team with bunch of choker
Heroic vs GODSENT
Krystal with brain dead play right there, why he even pushing with smoke in his hand. That play might cause them the game
Vitality vs FaZe
Yup, changing one player rn for igl was already too late. at this point all of faze player already have a mental of pug player, even they put a igl rn no one will listen anymore. they need to rebuild...
Vitality vs FaZe
faze is so bad that this not even funny anymore, this is just sad. instead of laughing, i am crying rn.
NiKo tweet
He was not smart enough to know how to use the bug xd
FaZe vs Astralis
getting raped on CT side of nuke XD
fnatic vs mousesports
Thx for Bymas - mousesports to faze
G2 vs OG
dude has no brain, but his aim without question is top notch. that why most of time he play good on map that rely on aim duel
G2 vs OG
the only good player in OG is valde. if he has bad day, then its pretty much game over for them
Chaos vs Liquid
their co-owner pusha T is blacks tough.
EZ4ENCE i pick them not for the win, but for the meme.