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desperate generation!
We are the generation that was born too late to explore new continents, and generation that was born too early to travel space. But at least we can buy drugs online or something like that
Game Of Thrones
The last few season have been underwhelming because they started writing their own script. They have come up with some of the most shallow story telling and thank fucking god its the last season
ENCE fans worse than SK fans
Calls other teams fans the worst and then next thing he says is that the team is shit. I mean im not even surprised
Why so hate against ENCE ?
"fans" I doubt 95% you call fans arent even fans. Which is kind of unfair because there are people who genuinely support ence and there is nothing wrong aboit that.
Thorin was right
Because people love to be spiteful about pretty much anything. Hltv might have the highest consentration of autistic spiteful people in the world
Natus Vincere vs ENCE
And what if ence and navi play 3 maps all ot? And its been rescheduled and winner of this matchup have to play two back to back bo3
yeah because they won season 6
FAZE flusha
fuck kio when there is sunny available
Greatest army of all time
Aight fair enough. Never heard that pronunciation
Greatest army of all time
who the fuck was Changez Khan?
FAZE flusha
-olof -adren +flusha +sunny
and some die old
[16+] age difference
why? you cant get girls your age?
strangers laugh at me
I was timid when I was in school and I had bunch of friends. Of course my friends were like me, quite calm and very friendly and not that popular. The difference was that I didnt allow people to bully...
strangers laugh at me
okay yeah whatever you want yourself to believe. I think youre just too timid right now. Im sure that not every ginger is being bullied and lot of them are actually popular, but almost all the timid p...