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It's literally either a Brazilian talking about their scene or non-Brazilian calling out how their fans or players are idiots
Hit me up when Brazil is relevant again in cs. We're not living in 2016 anymore
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I did generalise quite a lot. But maybe its that its hard to find the right word for this group of people im talking about. So one last time: basically refugees coming from middle-east troubled with r...
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Umm, we are not taking in any criminals. They come in with refugee status, and international human rights law dictate who, when and where from need to be taken in. We in EU are not taking known crimin...
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How is it EU's fault? Do you suggest EU should implement a Supervisory and heavy control policy towards these refugees? Stop taking refugees alltogether and deport most of them? What is EU doing wron...
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Haha we let "illegal immigrants". Fuck no, we let every immigrant from middle east. Literally almost everyone and they come by hundreds of thousands. Its bizarre, what are you going to do with that is...
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Alright but it doesnt affect me. Also its obviously my opinion and I have every right calling Islam bad. From my point of view and my regions point of view, there is ZERO, NONE, 0% positive influence ...
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You have a lot of energy to call everyone here alcoholic without ever even drinking alcohol yourself. Btw you dont need to kill yourself with alcohol. Seems like maybe youre brainwashed thinking thats...
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A religion that constrain peoples personal live like that is lame
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and you cant even eat pork. Thats honestly so fucking lame
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you dont even have alcohol lul
Finland REKT trump
what is even the point of that knee slap
100T / French team
nt englishman
[16+] R8 CS FEMALE
I can imagine how absolutely amazing skills she has in this game
No crowd cheat