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The sky is the limit? LOL try me.
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smoke & cigarettes
man it's so fucking anoying snus is not available to buy in Germany. I have to count on my swedish friend, he visits his dad every few months in Göteborg and he buys Ettan and General for me. We do ha...
rap from your country???
got damn that sounds so fucking funny :D
desperate generation!
I don't base any of my success on others, the problem is others do and that takes the people who don't atomatically in duty to do so aswell. Dunno it's a topic which we could discuss for hours I guess...
desperate generation!
yeah sure, but you are from Germany aswell and you propably know how it is in our country...no certificate means no achievments means no success...
desperate generation!
The problem is, that social pressure is getting higher and higher. Everything has to be on point, in the fastest and best way possible. Mistakes are not allowed. No matter if we talk about daily busin...
Yeah it driving can be lame as hell, i gotta overtake at least 5 or 6 cars/trucks on my way to work. Doesn't sound that much but if you live on the landside and you do not drive on a highway on your r...
+ people who are extremely stupid when it comes to logical thinking and intelligence
crying kids, driving behind sleepy ass idiots in traffic, the german cs scene, seeing couple shit on valentines day (this one is new btw), people who think they are more worth than others
Valentine's day
as long as it's not hosted by PGL Major yes
ur biggest fear?
for me it's more the fear of failing exams or stuff like this. We both would call it "Prüfungsangst", I always had it...when I was taking the drivers license, when I was taking the fisher's license, w...
Find your birthday twin!
May, 19th
FaZe flusha
Before they sign a new 5th they should reset their mind first. All I see on their IG stories is party food travel food food travel party. It feels like following influencers instead of professional ga...