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The sky is the limit? LOL try me.
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s1mples firt cheating ban not permanent
To make this clear. Players only get VAC Bans if Valve , or better VAC, detects the cheat. VACs are permanent bans which disable the banned player to play on any vac secured servers. Third party ba...
Germany in you language
I think frikandelbrootjes sounds cooler tho
Germany in you language
frikandelbrootjes spotted
rip McSkillet
lol that's already been 2 months since that happened?
cheating in tier3 cs
accidentally answered with a new post, check that down below
cheating in tier3 cs
of course coders will always give their best to bypass the AC software but the critical thing is, that no tournament host is willing to develop a proper software, like they do not even try to prevent ...
cheating in tier3 cs
People who say "who cares about tier3 cheaters" never played faceit lvl 8-10. Even on that level which is not even close to tier4 you meet hundreds of cheaters during the month. Especially when the mo...
Hahahaha!!! Forsaken bestest.
lol :D
I want cbble back
uff zum glück schließe ich nachts die haustür ab sonst würde bestimmt irgend ein hltv fag einbrechen und mir "gleich 'n auf die gosch" hauen, was nicht nur unrealistisch sondern auch grammatikalisch "...
he offers very very bad english skills, besides that... I guess nothing.
I want cbble back
They could make a god damn spin off or something, like I said it does not have to be the original one. There was a map named de_mill which was pretty simular to tuscan, nearly a copy just the envirome...
2=1 prove me wrong
I want cbble back
was bist du für'n spast?
I want cbble back
Why don't they bring back tuscan... I don't get it. It doesn't have to be the exact same map, give it a nice work over or something and then give it a shot. This map is highly requested by the communi...