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I met him in Bilka once and he's is indeed a really nice person and player, I was just pointing out that people that didn't like him, is actually saying that he will save their team. (That's why it's...
Very ironic how everyone likes MSL these days. Not so long ago he was given so much shit. nice. =)
astralis is even better
I hope you're gonna have a great time! I attended the last one in Copenhagen and it was amazing
Astralis Fans
i'll go to mcdonalds right away, thanks for updating me
Astralis Fans
well that's just mean
envy igl?
Exactly. Bringing karrigan it shows that they needed a new style of play. Hopefully he (karrigan) has the possibilities to play around with these guys. I am really into the idea of bringing a really e...
ZywOo not overhyped
Yeah i totally agree on that part. But looking at Vitality and G2 as of now, they shouldn't be looking to replace anyone imo
ZywOo not overhyped
We'll see at major bro, it's gonna be exciting
ZywOo not overhyped
I honestly think that the french scene need to slow it down with benching and/or trading players for the time being
HLTV #1 is?
HLTV #1 is?
Yeah that's the thing. S1mple is so much better individually in terms of skill, but you still gotta see all the small things that makes you win the game in the end (If you get my point)
HLTV #1 is?
And that's why i really can't be sure of who takes it. I am actually excited, considering of all the factors they brings to the table in their own way
HLTV #1 is?
I mean like more like in-depth (like hltv do already on their top 20 posts) if you know where i'm getting at
Dev1ce or S1mple?
I don't wanna be biased but see it as a overall perspective. Obviously on skill alone S1mple would win it 100%. That said look at team achievements which just makes til difficult since Dev1ce and astr...
So am i, i don't know how far back in the qualifier the rule effects a player, so we'll see ^^