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You like the dude who used to play for Vega Squadron? I mean, if you like him go for it.
"BIG BRAIN = not true" "And i never said he doesnt have big brain" Seriously mate, get your head checked out for severe trauma.
Dude, you must've been dropped when you were an infant. You are beyond stupid in your reasoning.
You just said it wasn't true nexa have a big brain. Now he have. Make up your mind. Noone claimed hes got a bigger brain than gla1ve. Time to actually start making sense there little fella.
so just because someone according to you have a bigger brain that means noone else can have a big brain? Guess you're one of the people who doesn't have a big brain.
[POLL] f0rest vs NEO
f0rest has never had to change the way he plays because he is still at a god tier level. Sucks for NEO he isn't on that level where he used to be.
Make a team with your favourite players
f0rest get_right friberg xizt fifflaren
Real top 20
Allu on a top20 list? Lol.
Dear white people of HLTV
Clearly you're dumb. By calling other people dumb you aren't calling yourself smart. Just intelligent enough to realize people are stupid. That could be anywhere from the range of below average to hig...
Dear white people of HLTV
Do you lack basic reading comprehension?
Dear white people of HLTV
Not all jews are white. That's pretty racist from you to claim they are.
Dear white people of HLTV
"most actors in movies are white" What movies are you referring to? Hollywood? Because last I checked it's generally dependant on where the movie is from. Take Bollywood movies for example, basically...
180kg squat @ 15
If you're out on your bmx then that's your cardio, big brain detected lol...
Best country Anthem you mean this ?
The 5 most overrated cities in the world
+1 mate, biggest dump on earth. Only the main tourist streets looks anything you would even consider moving around on, rest is just a big garbage dump.