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Nerf these guns, Valve
+1 People doesn't know how to use utility to gain mapcontrol and force awpers into bad spots and proceed to call the awp OP.
rate my CV
I mean, you try to spin it towards a positive and that you look for ways to be creative and find solutions. But the thing is, you could probably do that with an example that doesn't start off with a b...
rate my CV
Bold doesn't even being to cover it. Going negative in a resumé is rarely the way to go. Most companies look for people that can enhance the mood at the workplace, showing negativity right off the bat...
"-Cerq (too inconsistent, have highlight moments but EG needs consistency)" And you think adding Woxic will add consistency to the awping? Lol.
Horizon Zero Dawn. Beyond that a couple of VR games.
240 HZ
The difference going from 60 to 144 is much bigger in how it feels than going from 144 to 240. I've got a new pc with 5950x and 3080, but decided to go with a 165hz 1ms screen instead of a 240 just be...
"kenny isnt ecofragger since he's mainly awping." - yet you got dev1ce & jame on the list. Hi hypocrite.
cs hall of fame
That list is pretty accurate. I think theres guys from the old danish mtw lineups that should go in ahead of device though. A guy that definitely needs to be on that list is Markeloff, that peak he ha...
cs hall of fame
Well, he's in the esports hall of fame, as a whole. Him and Element from CS. Potti needs to be in there.
Thanks for the little story, appreciate it. Never had a clue about that.
It's a game remake of Charlie and the chocolate factory. Very intriguing stuff.
How many girls have you asked out in your life IRL? POLL
Asking someone out and actually dating are two very separate things mate. Maybe he got rejected asking out 149 of them?
Best actress
Nolan is godtier. Not a single bad movie. The Prestige is quite possibly the most well-made movie of all time. So many layers, constantly interesting, curious plays on human character traits. Amazing ...
Best actress
One of the worst hollywood productions I've ever seen is Once upon a time in Hollywood. I can't believe people praising it. It's boring af, terrible acting for half of it, shitty audio. Legit nothing ...
North salaries xD
Someone with a brain finally. I read the article and can't believe how many dumbasses there is here who can't read that it is combined.