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Corona ruins my graduation year :o
If that's the supposed to be the most hype week of your life you need to broaden your horizon and get out more. Graduation was fun, but it doesn't even crack the top10.
respect to rifler top players
He clearly means players that have been top1 without being awpers. Gtr got top1 2013 and 2014.
ZywOo, NiKo, coldzera, huNter, nexa
it's ok man, he's just jealous cuz all finns sounds like they have been hit in the head repeatedly as children.
OG ZywOo
If he doesn't want to re-sign, yes they would let him go for a large sum now over not getting anything later on.
OG laugh thread
"0.92 rating vs top10 opponents" Yeah, dude is a god. Could only play tier4 opponents in noname tournaments with HR.
ISSA's T-side
Based on the footage on summit I think they brought him in to be a clown and make everybody laugh. Based on his performances in the qualifier, I think he's taking that role with him onto the server to...
well, they got 2 more igl's to go through anyway lol.
OG laugh thread
He was trash in HR dude. He's just streaky as hell. He's God in a map (usually dust2), then plays shit for another 5.
OG laugh thread
-issaa +literally anyone else He was trash in HR, he's still trash. What else is new. How is this guy still a pro.
-alex +
They want the best french IGL. Happy.
FaZe ZywOo still possible.
-stewie +zywoo, ez nitr0 back to rifles.
G2 Zywoo
Amanek isn't much of a support if you watch the games dude.
G2 Zywoo
That would actually be pretty sick. Gratisfaction is by far the worst player on 100T. Okay by far is a stretch cuz Liazz isn't all that good but still. Would be a sick upgrade, add zywoo to the teampl...
No they wouldn't. Vitality was in the major with zywoo. Players hold the major spot, 3+ players at previous major so they would go into the challengers stage.
Faze on Katowice
I'm not hating Faze lol. I actually wanna see them do well because I think Olof deserves it. But they didn't do well. They played vs a Navi who didn't show tactical depth the entire tournament, who re...