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He plays extremely passive. not saying that's a bad thing, because he has an insane team, but it doesn't imply higher intelligence at all. I could replace dev1ce with NiKo, and if niko spoke danish,...
"Easy compared to what?" I didn't compare it to any other countries lmfao. Lower mobility =/= unsuccessful economical system.
Haircut problem
Ok, next time you go, tell them to pin the top of your hair, and then ask for a lowball fade.
s1mple playstyle
Stopped reading at drug issues, it's clear you don't know shit about the US. 0/8
The thing is, it's incredible easy to move up the financial ladder in the U.S. in your lifetime. If you are born poor, you should never stay poor, unless you're actually like fucking homeless with no ...
Haircut problem
Go with a lowball fade, or midball fade. You will look good. I would be able to help you better if you sent a pic of your face w/ your hair.
Cloud 1 and Cloud 2
Yea but they were NA when they won the major.
Cloud 1 and Cloud 2
how many major wins?
Cops stopped me
ur dumb, it doesnt happen often at all
Cloud 1 and Cloud 2
when did navi last win a major?
FaZe ScreaM
cold and device dont aim better than scream lmfao half the list is trash
S1mple soooo overrated
The outlier of astralis is literally 1 example of an almost PERFECT system, and even then, glaive is the best fragging IGL, and best IGL overall. You notice that their system didn't work at all, until...
S1mple soooo overrated
Astralis wouldn't dominate without glaive's on-the-go IGl plays, and quick decisions as well. Glaive's fragging and really weird tendency for smoke kills and fucking insane timing peeks is one of th...