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i Rate your PC
so many shit builds and people actually buys in'tel-aviv in 2019
fnatic vs TYLOO
friendly reminder tyloo lost to invictus and lost to 5power for starseries qualify. i just hope tyloo pull this one out.
NoFap day 40 results
nonono, this happen after i started no fap.
NoFap day 40 results
watch this: im not the only one who has it.
NoFap day 40 results
not a bait. this doesnt happen everytime tho. sometimes i have to change only once or twice.
NoFap day 40 results
im on nofap for so many years. im on that level when i slightly move my penis or sit next to a girl, i precum. i bring 2 or 3 boxers everyday to work.
I expected a LOT more. Infinity War, now that is 9.0 worth score. Endgame was pretty average although it hit me right in the chest when.. you know what happened T_T
Please repeat me
Go f yourself buddy
Please repeat me
Now repeat after me Kys anus #2donnies
TYLOO vs Sharks
the odds changed when they throw first choke on 13:4. still matchfixing after getting through qualifiers, this is fucking shameless. cs scene will never go big.
Tyloo org wont let their superstar player in the transfer list obv. Such a shame both bntt and xcc have so much potential in an international/na team.
Tyloo "Technical" PAUZE one of you is thorin foreal
TyLoo is the real champion
ahahha no, s1mple is fucking consistent while xccurate misses most of his shot but does have impactful frags.. but so does s1mple.
like i said.
i dont think tyloo wil win the finals, bntet is not showin up lately. i know he is igling but i think against chinese team tyloo needs his firepower.