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Astralis vs Renegades
tier1, bo1 @1.10 i cant stop laughing sorry
Vanguard vs Tenerife Titans
>bookies >info if you think bookies are smart you're probably a regular loser. TY @2.62
Vanguard vs Tenerife Titans
ur insider bro xd
Vanguard vs Tenerife Titans
When they added the game I saw some bookies at @ 1.50 Tenerife. I do not understand,
China match fixing
there are bookies that have canceled my bets for suspicion of matchfixing. It's no secret, watch Richard Lewis' video about CaptainMO and the rigged matches.
m4 with kato holo value
I really don't know anything about csgo skins xDD but I think that reason holo + mouz kato can be sold at a good price :)
m4 with kato holo value
Big 5 vs Gamedock
Inside info xd
Big 5 vs Gamedock
lol, source?
100% winrate at betting
i cant stop laughing bro xDDD reliable?
Yes, you will have the money instantly but u lose a lot of money. I would sell it in bitskins or skinbaron
making money online
WAAAAT what need do I have to lie for a counter strike forum? Well, you are probably a person who does not like his job and does it for 10h daily for $ 600 per month. I'm sorry,
making money online
bro, have you read the previous comments? I've been living on csgo betting for 3 years. I quit my job because I earned a lot more with cs bets. i dont know wtf u talking. Do you think that my house, ...
making money online
dignitas female is not in mdl xD wtf u talking
making money online
bro, yesterday I won probably the easiest € 600 of my life. A bookie put divine, roca team, top 3 mdl na team at @ 2.20 vs dignitas female xDDDDD 16-3 Go bet on 1.20 loser