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[18+]should i do it?
As i said before, the chance of getting pregnant from precum is so small its almost impossible. So i dont think its that big of a thing "m8" "Early understandings on precum once were that sperm is e...
[18+]should i do it?
i mean, if u have a brain you'd see i clearly made a mistake. I was supposed to write, ''i mean, she can't get preggers if u dont cum in her vagene, just cum on her stomache or something man'' Im sor...
[18+]should i do it?
first off, ive never laughed so much in a while (thank you NoPeaceJustHates) and second. i ment she can give him a bj and or hand job dude. he dosnt need to fcking do it himself all the time. spice it...
[18+]should i do it?
i mean, she can't get preggers if u dont cum in her vagene, just cum on or someting man. she has hands and a mouth u know. let her do the work and maybe you'll want to let her do it more often and she...
[18+]should i do it?
dafuq you have a Gf and you fap twice a day, (add german accent) "I sink we have us a liar"
Sweden please
i mean, i dont know to tbh. I just know that the reason for it in the beginning was to target a larger sense in laws and stuff instead of writing He or she, And the part of the witness protection part...
Sweden please
it is not supposed to be used in normal everyday speaking or communication, its supposed to used when there is an political or law required cases (as in if someone commited a crime, Ex. "hen" was sitt...
rip russia
it is, they dont want them there, they fcking had guns and like pitchforks and made a baricade at the border so that refugees couldnt get in
rip russia
lul, finland is probably the worst country to go to if u come as a refugee or immigrant.
Sweden is fucked.
People thinking this isnt a "normal" problem in sweden are kinda stupid. Yes there has been a increase but so has it been in the us, germany , turkey, england. Stop trying to shit talk a country who i...
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