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-Aleksib +Ana aka HumbleGod
Racing incident. Max is generally not known for leaving room to race for anybody, and always closing the door Like everyone needs to respect him. Daniel on Podium + Shoey today
Gz to G2. Hope they win the tournament. And Malek, drop dead please, you look Like a kid with heavy autism in the back. Just stop please.
Silverstone Quali
Because usually the Max fanboys are stubborn kids who are fucking biased, and says stupid shit Like what you did above. Just appreciate the show instead of trying to talk Down either of the greats tha...
Silverstone Quali
Red Bull has shit all over Mercedes with 0,5-1 sec pr. Lap the past 5 races, and suddenly Mercedes has a Better car?? You are a Verstappen fanboy Autist Verstappen Wins = amazing skillz Hamilton Wi...
Delays :(
But it is legit shit to expect to watch a match from 19.00-22.00, which Will then be from 21.00-24.00 instead. Unless you are a Cave dweller with nothing to do, it isn’t ideal, and it isn’t good for l...
Congratz OG!!!!!
But Ana was just a different player when he came back this year. He didn’t Seem very motivated. And King Sumail looks very hungry
Congratz OG!!!!!
And he Can play just one hero ;)
Congratz OG!!!!!
But US scene is a joke, so qualifying there is just meaningless. Same with SA
Congratz OG!!!!!
Or fucking QUincy Crew.
Congratz OG!!!!!
King Sumail with some Big plays. Fuck yes. And Sneyking exposed: 1 trick pony who Can play just Mirana.. pffff. Bye bye Sunflowers going to TI!
England best team
- Best League in the World - All PL teams getting shit on almost every year in Champions league
England best team
Most likely all our grandchildren and great grand children in 2150 will now have to hear about when England won Europe2020 from a dive, a blind referee, while playing in front of a full home crowd. An...
Formula 1
That is the same for every driver with a dominating car. I could make the same argument about Schumacher, Vettel in 2012, or Verstappen the last 2 weeks. Should we discredit Them all? Or only Hamilt...