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Vitality vs Astralis
"the same shit" aka. they destroy the opposition
Astralis ERA OVER
lose 1 series and era is over... hltv logic at its best
Astralis watchable
astralis have always been watchable. it's their opponents that haven't been watchable...
Tired of astralis luck
seems salty
Astralis vs Liquid
can only be impressed by astralis, always keep their heads cool when it matters
Astralis vs Liquid
old meme
FaZe vs 100 Thieves
If you look at both teams over the last period, FaZe hasn't really been performing better than 100T who are also above them on the rankings. Not surprised they are struggling against them.
Astralis vs Liquid
Astralis vs Liquid
I think part of the reason they haven’t is because they don’t have the same structure and professionalism Astralis does. A lot of Astralis success in my estimation can be ascribed to what’s happening ...
- mental coaching - physical exercise - healthy eating and sleeping patterns - the best coach in the world who also acts as emotional leader - excellent in-game fundamentals - good teamspirit, no ego ...
2019 Top 20 Predictions
With how much he’s won compared to zywoo there’s no doubt in my mind he’ll clinch it
Astralis vs Liquid
Yeah I didn’t say otherwise? Just saying that this year it’s happened plenty that other teams than Astralis won tourneys. You’ve got no reason to complain
2019 Top 20 Predictions
1. device*
top5 awpers
device is the best awper in the world. He doesn’t have as many crazy flicks as others cuz he doesn’t need to. His positioning is too good