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MIBR vs Cloud9
only "boring" cause they are consistent :)
Liquid vs Astralis
lol don't get ahead of yourself...
Most underrated players?
yeah, he's able to both in-game lead and frag at the same time. that's highly impressive and therefore he deserves a high spot on the list.
Tell me what to draw
hahah well done. however, i'd question how "sexy" he is
Tell me what to draw
Draw Donald Trump as a sexy woman.
Most underrated players?
gla1ve as a high-fragging IGL on the best team in the world, he should honestly be in the conversation for top3-5 player in the world
interstellar movie, worth to watch?
amazing movie. watch it.
s1mple>>> device
do you know what a rhetorical question is?
why FaZe isnt top1
Yeah as long as they don’t care about stuff like that they will not be top1
What separates device from niko, coldzera and s1mple?
I didn’t say he was better because of that. I said that it sets him apart. Don’t put words in my mouth, plz.
What separates device from niko, coldzera and s1mple?
Yes. It’s an individual list in a team game. It is nonsense and it doesn’t matter. That’s is my opinion.
why FaZe isnt top1
think they'd benefit from hiring a sports psychologist, like astralis did
why FaZe isnt top1
No, just no. The real reason FaZe isn't top1 is: – Too much individuality, too little team-play. – Too little preparation for tournaments. Arrogance. Generally they seem to be too unprofessional as ...
s1mple>>> device
best player of the year doesn't matter. it's a team game.