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Isurus vs Sharks
Even if I wanted to delete it manito (and I do), I don't have the permissions :/
Political Ideology
Yeah, that happens in China due to the excessive amount of government regulations. Another thing is the demand of workers there, where there are so many of them that some accept lower wages, which is ...
Political Ideology
Yeah, I was a bit exaggerated
Political Ideology
The guy that hires the workers will always want someone competent and he'll pay everything if it is necessary to hire that someone, that's why there are people that receive money above the minimum wag...
Political Ideology
If you meet libertarianism you'll see how workers rights are a bad thing for the workers Then if you continue being a statist even knowing how bad it is for people, you are evil
Political Ideology
Libertarianism Anyone that identifies with anything different from that is evil or haven't met libertarianism
yeah it is time for a anarcho capitalism attempt
Mythic vs Luminosity
Yeah, like ~110ms
Mythic vs Luminosity
Boltz will be playing from Brazil
gym in brazil
Rejected vs Anunnaki
yeah haha (juntucha and yotes for those who don't know)
MDL All-Star freakazoid vs MDL All-Star NikoM
NikoM god
rikz will stand-in for vsm because he'll be playing WESG BR with Team One Myssen will stand-in for dumau because of tournaments' age restrictions
Endpoint vs Favela
Brazilians, but I don't think they did move to UK to play CS, they started the team there
NT limão