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worst injury u had?
got shot 8times and stabbed 4 times but no big deal just some scratches
Are you happy?
but you have terror free country
Overrated Players:
you forgot fallen and coldzera
because every sport etc has years were there are greater and lesser greater players it does not only go up you know.
go ahead ^^ if astralis decides to show up that is
yes that is ur belief and my belief is that astralis dominated when they were almost the only team who knew how to play in their era aswell. usually it means they are the top team because all other te...
ha ha im not the one who is mad here but ok if that makes you feel better keep trying to tell other teams that they are done so that you can forget that astralis is done.
fnatic dominated aswell. nip dominated aswell. what is ur point? all of their eras are over face it.
yea man. everyone knows it and it hurts you because you do not want to admit it and that is why you choose to do the same to other teams ^^ but that is normal child behavior
and fnatic plays with a litle 16 year old boy kid whats ur point?
he he desperate to bash on fnatic because you know that astralis is done ^^
nt still 1 more map
do you feel good when leave old team to play on super team and get eliminated by tier 3 team and then have ur old team destroy the same team that beat u right afterward. that feels bad men
brazil would be fine. brazil army stronk
because he just got rekked and elllminated by grayhound on olofpass and now fnatic 16-2 grayhound on olofpass better team? money is not everything. olof feels bad man